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Let's all share our heartfelt, totally woke, and absolutely real conversations with TSA agents

And then the TSA agent asked me, "Why are Democrats so opposed to securing the border?"

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The Right's Answer to AOC, Omar & Tlaib is Running for Congress

Laura Loomer, the most banned woman on the internet for her conservative views, is now running for Congress in a Florida District.

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Vile Jew-Hating Islamic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Called Out for What She Is

Engels, the Florida correspondent for Laura Loomer’s Illoominate Media, confronted Rashida Tlaib about calling President Trump a “Mother F**ker”.

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Rashida Tlaib Still Posing For Pictures With Fundraiser Who Spread Anti-Semitic Conspiracies

Rep. Rashida Tlaib has continued attending events and posing in pictures with one of her campaign fundraisers who repeatedly shared anti-Semitic theories.

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‘This is a DAMN LIE and you KNOW IT’! Ilhan Omar outright SMEARS Trump to defend Rashida Tlaib and it goes SO wrong

Shocker, Ilhan lied to defend Rashida. Gosh, and she's usually so honest too.

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Tlaib Slams Anti-BDS Bill: 'Literally an Attack on Our Constitution'

Rep. Rashida Tlaib slammed efforts to pass a bill that would allow governments to refrain from doing business with U.S. companies that boycott Israel.