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Monsey Chanukah Machete Attacker Declared Unfit for Trial

He was once arrested for punching a police horse.

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Why Did the Grammys Give a Platform to a Known Anti-Semite?

With the “awards” season in the entertainment industry in full swing, maybe we should all get honest and call these shows what they really are: Anti-Semitic and Anti-American propaganda....

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While Others Are Canceled For Tweets And Jokes, Cardi B Suffers No Consequences For Drugging And Robbing Men

After Cardi B took to the Grammy stage in what appeared to be a costume from a never-aired Showgirls/Power Rangers crossover film, and writhed about on a

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Jewish Groups Charge Grammy Awards With 'Insensitivity,' 'Lack of Moral Judgement' for Featuring Farrakhan Supporter Tamika Mallory

Tamika Mallory in a virtual discussion as part of the Black Music Collective’s Inaugural GRAMMY Week Celebration, held on March …

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Religious Jews are a misogynist, anti-medicine cult, according to @NBC show "Nurses" (video)

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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David Schoen's Water Drinking And The Hypocrisy Of The Closed-Minded "Open-Minded" People

Why is making fun of people's religious practices still OK in 2021? We supposedly got to a point about inclusivity and diversity .

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Portman: Trump Supporters 'Have to Acknowledge that This Election Was Lost'

Outgoing Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" that former President Donald Trump's supporters "have to acknowledge that this election was lost and we have to move on." | Clips

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Twitter CEO house blasted with Holocaust denial tweets by Jewish fighters

“Why does Jack Dorsey continue to give Holocaust deniers and Jew-haters a bigger platform today than Hitler had in his time?”

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Rage at Capitol assault makes excuses for summer riots all the more disgraceful

Wednesday’s mob assault on Capitol Hill was shocking and brazen: Hundreds of MAGA-hat-wearing rioters broke into the seat of American democracy. They...

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7 Times California Democrats Were Accused of Skirting Public Health Guidelines

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom just issued a month-long curfew for most of the state that takes effect on Saturday night. Earlier this week,

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Holocaust Denial Not a Violation of Misinformation Policy, Twitter Boss Tells Skeptical Senate Committee

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testifies before the Senate Commerce Committee via a remote video link, Oct. 28, 2020. Photo: Reuters …

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Dodgers’ Justin Turner Pulled From Field After Testing Positive, Returns To Celebrate On Field After Team Clinches Series

During the eighth inning of the Los Angeles Dodger World Series-clinching Game 6 against the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night, Dodgers third-baseman Justin

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These five people are allowed to tweet but one of America’s oldest newspapers can’t

Alexander Hamilton must be rolling over in his grave.
The New York Post, one of America’s oldest newspapers, founded by America’s first monetary...

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Say their names: The forgotten American victims of Palestinian terror

Where are the memorial rallies and candle-lit vigils? Where are the demands to bring the killers to justice? Where are the letter-writing campaigns to press the Trump administration to act?

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‘It’s Infuriating’: Private San Francisco Gym Owners Angry After Gyms Open In Government Buildings

Some private gym owners in San Francisco are incensed after learning that gyms in government buildings have been open for some time, despite coronavirus lockdown edicts that have kept private gyms shuttered. Daniele Rabkin from Crossfit Golden Gate told N

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MISOGYNIST RAGE: Libs Bash Female Orator's Passionate Speech for Being Too 'Loud'

Former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle delivered a passionate address to the Republican National Convention on Monday. The speech was a stirring success.

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NBA Store Allows 'Defund Police,' 'Beware of Jews' on Custom Jerseys, But Not 'Free Hong Kong'

In keeping with league policy on political statements, the official online store of the NBA does not permit fans to order a custom jersey with the phrase "Free Hong Kong" printed on the back.

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NBC and Fox host Nick Cannon, a racist, antisemitic nutcase

Nick Cannon is an actor, comedian, rapper, director, writer, producer. Most people are familiar with him as being the host on NBC’s America’s Got Talent and Fox’s The Masked Singer.

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Jewish Actor Josh Malina Asks Why 'Cancel Culture' Ignores Antisemitism

Josh Malina. Photo: Instagram. Jewish actor and “West Wing” star Josh Malina advocated on Tuesday for the withdrawal of support …

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No one seems to criticize the Palestinian one-staters as “apartheid”

Yesterday’s “Day of Rage” demonstrations were ostensibly against Israel’s plans to “annex” parts of Judea and Samaria. The chants, however, told a different story: the message was to destroy Israel and replace it with a Palestinian state.

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Anti-Semitism gets you fired by Labour, but hired by NYT

It turns out The New York Times has lower standards when it comes to those who spread anti-Semitic canards than even Britain’s

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Any Leftist (or media outlet) that doesn’t immediately denounce Roger Waters for antisemitism is a disgusting hypocrite

.After the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the media took note of the shooter’s love of conspiracy theories where George Soros was the “puppetmaster” in running the world. Everyone accepted that the idea of a Jewish puppetmaster was a pernicious, centuries-old antisemitic trope.

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NYPD, LAPD Send Cops to Harass Hasidic Jews and Baseball Players for Social Distancing Violations

Has the NYPD threatened to arrest any of the peaceful protestors for social distancing violations?

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Impeachment: A Few Notes on Hypocrisy | National Review

What the Democrats are trying to achieve with impeachment, how to view hypocrisy in light of the human condition.

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Ocasio-Cortez Meddles In Foreign Election, Endorses Notorious Anti-Semite

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) meddled in a foreign election on Thursday when she shared a video promoting far-left British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and encouraged people to turn out and vote in the election. Ocasio-Cortez tweeted

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Feminist Chrissy Teigen Calls Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik ‘Trash’ | The Daily Wire

On Sunday, supermodel and left-wing activist Chrissy Teigen called Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY) “trash.” As reported by The Daily Wire, George Conway, husband to White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, was first to call Ms. Stefanik “ly

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14 Times U.S. Companies Self-Censored Or Apologized To Appease China

Out of fear of financial backlash, U.S. businesses are quick to issue groveling apologies and fold to the demands of both Chinese consumers and authorities.

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Not so FAST! NYT Sr. Staff Editor Thomas Wright-Piersanti deletes anti-Semitic and racist tweets after being outed; Updated

Man, the NYT sure can pick 'em.

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Flashback: Obama-Biden Administration Banned Flights to Israel

Remember, when Joe Biden was vice president, Barack Obama banned all flights to Israel in a move described as a gift to Hamas. His support for Omar and Tlaib after their ban from Israel due to BDS support is hypocritical.

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Tweets Statistics After Recent Tragedies. Leftists Explode. | Daily Wire

Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson responded on Sunday to the recent tragedies in El Paso and Dayton by stating facts and putting things in perspective. What ensued can only be described as a full meltdown from those on the political Left.

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Every Democratic Excuse For Ilhan Omar's Anti-Semitism Is More Vile Than The Last

This week, the Democratic Party proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is willing to not only countenance but embrace anti-Semitism, so long as the anti-Semitism comes from members of their intersectional coalition. In less than two months, Rep.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Monumental Hypocrisy | National Review

She mounts her high horse to rail against ‘dark money,’ but those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

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MILLER: The Current Democratic Party Has No Use For Jews

Fearing that Jews will wake up and realize that the Democrats and their allied interest groups will confront every bias except Jew hatred, a group of Jewish Democrats has vowed to confront anti-Semitism and anti-Israel policies in their party.

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Omar to speak alongside charity official who praises the killing of Jews

Despite accusations of anti-Semitism, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) is due to speak at a fundraising event alongside a senior charity official who has published social-media posts praising the killing of Jews.

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Oops! Omar Received Tens of Thousands of Dollars from PACs and Lobbyists

Democratic leadership called out Rep. Omar for writing that AIPAC uses its “Benjamins” to coerce members to support Israel.

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College Newspaper Says 'White Boys' Should Not Be 'Allowed To Talk'

A blatantly racist opinion piece penned by a Pennsylvania college student says "white boys" should not "be allowed to talk."

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University of North Carolina Asheville Defends Decision to Host Tamika Mallory as Keynote Speaker, Drawing Criticism

The University of North Carolina — Asheville (UNCA) has pushed back against demands to cancel an upcoming talk by Tamika...

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The Left Lends Cover to Anti-Semitism | National Review

Ignoring anti-Semitic actions or comments depending on the perpetrator’s ethnicity or background allows hatred of Jews to spread.

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UCLA Shamefully Condones Students for Justice in Palestine

Imagine if the KKK asked to hold a conference at UCLA. Does anyone seriously believe that the administration would allow...

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FLASHBACK: That Time Jimmy Kimmel Didn't Think Blackface Was Bad

Now that NBC has handed Megyn Kelly her walking papers for her remarks about Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps, who was called racist for darkening her skin to dress as Diana Ross, it should be noted that America's major news networks

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Liberals Turn On Ocasio-Cortez Over Linda Sarsour Tweet

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears to be in danger of losing some of her support among liberals with her decision to increasingly align herself with anti-liberal activist Linda Sarsour.

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Professor Who Wrote ‘Why Can’t We Hate Men?’ Article Included In Title IX Complaint Against Northeastern University

Remember The Washington Post op-ed back in June titled “Why Can’t We Hate Men?” In it, a feminist professor at Northeastern University says

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MeToo actress Asia Argento now admits to sex with under-age boy

Asia Argento, the Hollywood actress and "MeToo" activist accused of sexual assault on an underage boy, has privately admitted having sex with the fellow actor despite issuing a public denial.

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WATCH: Left-Wing Activists Harass Florida AG Pam Bondi At Movie Theater, Spit On Her

Left-wing activists harassed Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi at a movie theater on Saturday over her support for the Trump administration, yelling at her as she left and returned to her vehicle.

Politics | Liberal "Tolerance"

Feminists: It’s Wrong To Harass A Woman, Unless She Is A Republican

If that woman is named Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen, it's not only acceptable to drive her out of a restaurant -- it’s to be applauded.

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

Kamala Harris Just Completely Flipped Her Position On Illegal Alien Detention

Comedy is all about timing, which is how Democrat Senator Kamala Harris made a laughingstock of herself this afternoon. Open borders activists’ fact-free hysteria built to a fever pitch this week.

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Roseanne hits back at ABC over the cancellation of her show

Roseanne Barr tweeted about the cancellation of her show Tuesday, and apologized several times over her tweet about a former Obama aide while calling ABC hypocritical for their decision.

Politics | Liberal "Tolerance"

College’s ‘no whites allowed’ pool party postponed after backlash – twitchy

A college group's pool party for people of color only has been postponed after a national media backlash.

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CNN mocked for glorifying JFKs ‘legendary’ infidelity after harping on sex allegations against Trump | Fox News

CNN was slammed for hypocrisy over the weekend when the network glorified President John F. Kennedy’s infidelity after spending significant coverage painting President Trump as a monster for an alleged affair that occurred prior to his political career.

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Medieval Times Goes Modern, Replacing Its Kings With Queens - The New York Times

Zounds! In a coup for gender equality, only women will now preside over a realm of chicken legs, beer and jousting. But do the commoners care?

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

BET Awards: Clinton Rally, Then a Sermon Against Abusive 'Invention Called Whiteness'

Just as you would expect, the 2016 BET Awards were full of Black Lives Matter references and reminders to register to vote and then get out the vote for Hillary Clinton. After the opening of the award ceremony featured Beyoncé and her back-up dancers mar

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Bernie Sanders and his wife made $205K, according to 2014 tax returns

Sen. Bernie Sanders and his wife on Friday released their full 2014 tax return, showing a combined income of more than $205,000, following pressure from Democratic presidential campaign rival Hillary Clinton.

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Eight-Year-Old Faced Expulsion for Drawing Gun, But Muslim Student Gets White House Invite After 'Hoax Bomb'

Eight-Year-Old Faced Expulsion for Drawing Gun But Muslim Student Gets White House Invite After 'Hoax Bomb'.

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'80s Pop Star Morrissey: 'Obama Seems to Be White Inside'

Eighties pop star Morrissey -- lead singer of the Smiths, a major indie sensation -- has been a wildly erratic pundit in his advanced age. Last year, he declared “I see no difference between eating animals and pedophilia. They are both rape, violence,

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Sandra Fluke: ‘‘I’d rather be a captive Nigerian girl than touched by a Republican’’

Sandra Fluke says the kidnapped Nigerian school girls are in better hands of Islamic extremists than they would be with Republicans in the U.S.

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Media swoon over new 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah. Then this embarrassing OOPS happened

Progs of pallor fail AGAIN! Check out this Trevor Noah oops.

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'Flags at half mast' order sparks furious public backlash

The reaction has been slammed by human rights organisations who said King Abdullah's rule saw regular public beheadings and floggings – and homosexuality punished by death.

Politics | Liberal "Tolerance"

French court convicts three over homophobic tweets, in case hailed as a 'significant victory' by LGBT rights campaigners

A French court has handed out convictions for anti-gay hate crimes on Twitter for the first time, after three people used the hashtag “let’s burn the gays”.

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‘That’s gonna sting’: WH deputy press secretary’s warning against censorship hit with a flashback [photo] | Twit

Self-awareness isn't among their strong suits.

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When Democrats Lose Elections the Media Push to Annihilate the Constitution

Although I have no idea what will happen tonight, based on the insane, anti-Constitutional, and un-American proposals being floated by the New York Times, Vox.com, and CNN, I do know what the media believe will happen: a historic shellacking is in store f

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‘Don’t let this ‘murderer’ speak at King’s College’

‘‘I do not think that the university should condone violence such as this in letting him justify......

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UC Berkeley students: Drop Bill Maher from commencement - CNN.com

Students at the University of California, Berkeley are petitioning to have Bill Maher removed as their 2014 fall commencement speaker.

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Georgia man ordered to remove NRA hat before voting - Washington Times

A Georgia man is upset after he went for early voting on Friday and was ordered to remove his National Rifle Association hat before he was allowed to vote.

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Where are the anti-war protesters? Nobody knows. . . | Twitchy

Come out, come out wherever you are.

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Men Need Not Apply: Morning Joe Digs Idea of Women-Only Taxi Service

All the members of the Morning Joe panel--Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist--speak approvingly of "SheRide," a new taxi service that hires only women drivers and accepts only women passengers.

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Daily Beast’s Goff: There is a ‘Secret War on Black Republicans’

Give credit to The Daily Beast for highlighting an issue that conservatives have noted for decades: the Left’s war on black Republican politicians.

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Exclusive: Chase Employee Leaks Purported Photo of LGBT Survey Question

A source from inside Chase bank has provided what he says is a photograph of the actual question all employees were asked in a company-wide survey about their support for “the LGBT community.” This is the first time an alleged image of the actual surv

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Biden: Guys, I assure you I, too, am super-poor - Hot Air

Noah mentioned this in his piece about the ridiculous Democratic race to the bottom income bracket, but it deserves its own space. This kind of mess will continue to happen until reporters stop asking the question because there’s really no good answer.

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Andrea Mitchell Suggests Anti-Women Sexism Behind U.S. Inaction on Boko Haram | Mediaite

MSNBC host and NBC News’ Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell has a theory relating to why it took the American government so long to respond to the reprehensible kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria by the Islamic terrorist network Boko

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WEINSTEIN: Hollywood’s Hotel Hypocrisy

Hollywood's hypocrites are at it again. This time Hollywood is mobilizing to protest an ostensibly supportable cause. The glitzy Beverly Hills Hotel is partly owned by the Sultan of Brunei, one of

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Obama Calls Californian Kamala Harris 'Best Looking' Attorney General

California Attorney General Kamala Harris participates in TheWrap President Obama assessed the beauty of California’s attorney general Kamala Harris, calling her “the best looking attorney general,” during remarks at a fundraiser in Athe