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Why Did the Grammys Give a Platform to a Known Anti-Semite?

With the “awards” season in the entertainment industry in full swing, maybe we should all get honest and call these shows what they really are: Anti-Semitic and Anti-American propaganda....

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Stop Honoring Jew-Haters Like Jay Electronica, John Legend, Tamika Mallory

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein and ZOA Chair Mark Levenson, Esq. released the following statement: The ZOA is calling on the N

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Eddie Van Halen's Son Says He's "Hurt" By 2021 Grammys Tribute to Late Rocker

Wolfgang Van Halen is expressing his disappointment over the 2021 Grammys tribute to his late father and rock legend, Eddie Van Halen.

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Anti-Semitism gets endorsed by the Grammys

Farrakhan-supporter Tamika Mallory was featured at the music awards show. Blame this legitimization of Jew-hatred on the critical race theory embraced by Jewish liberals.

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Jewish Groups Charge Grammy Awards With 'Insensitivity,' 'Lack of Moral Judgement' for Featuring Farrakhan Supporter Tamika Mallory

Tamika Mallory in a virtual discussion as part of the Black Music Collective’s Inaugural GRAMMY Week Celebration, held on March …

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Grammys: BLM Activist Demands 'Justice, Equity' from Biden; Police Shoot Black Man in Back During Politically Charged Performance

Rapper Lil Baby turned the Grammys stage on Sunday night into a riot scene while Black Lives Matter activist Tamika D. Mallory, demanded President Biden bring "justice."

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PC INSANITY: ‘This Is Not Just White Guys With Guitars Playing For Kids’: Three Grammy Nominees Decline The Honor

Three acts that were nominated for the 2021 Best Children's Album Grammy Award declined the nomination and they all agreed on the reason: all five acts

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5 Grammy winners who didn't deserve their win this year — sorry

The 61st annual Grammy Awards took place on Sunday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. As usual, the Recording Academy had some missteps.

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7 Musicians Nominated For A Grammy This Year (Whom You Might Have Missed)

Did you know that The Rolling Stones, Pharrell and even famous composer John Williams have a chance at glory in January?

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The best and worst moments of the 2017 Grammys

You live and you learn.

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'How VIP do we gotta get?': Beatles legend Paul McCartney is turned away from Tyga's Grammy after-party

The Beatles star and Grammy winner, 73, was shockingly denied entry at Argyle nightclub in Hollywood following the awards ceremony on Monday.

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Kanye West's Ryan Seacrest Interview: 11 Things We Learned | Rolling Stone

Kanye West discussed the Grammys, Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney with Ryan Seacrest.

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Beck Wins Album of the Year Grammy, Kanye Runs on Stage | News | Pitchfork

Beck has won the Album of the Year Grammy at the 2015 Grammy Awards for Morning Phase. The award was presented by Prince, and during his acceptance speech, Kanye started running up on stage. (Perhaps, once again, in protest of Beyoncé not winning.)

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Jeff Lynne's ELO to team with Ed Sheeran for Grammys

All-star moment Sunday will feature Sheeran, Jeff Lynne's ELO, Herbie Hancock, John Mayer and Questlove.

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New Hampshire high school band teacher honored with Grammy Music Educator Award

Nicknamed by his students as the Energizer Bunny, Jared Cassedy has been leading Windham High School's music program for six years. He was selected from 7,000 nominations that the Grammy Foundation received. Anthony Mason reports on how he inspires his st

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Justin Timberlake to perform at the Grammys

After that hesitant, dramatic semi-announcement that he was returning to music, you might expect Justin Timberlake to play it low-key. You know, release a single here, perform at a private charity Super Bowl party there.