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Donald Trump is trying — and failing — to win over Bernie Sanders supporters

Trump thinks he can win over disgruntled Democrats, but the evidence isn't bearing that out.

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Why Clinton Might Not Be the Nominee

Douglas E. Schoen writes about why Hillary Clinton may end up losing the Democratic presidential contest—a Bernie Sanders win in California would turbocharge the mounting Democratic unease about her viability.

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BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Accepts Trump's Challenge to Debate Before California Primary | RedState

Share on Facebook 1 1 SHARES . Donald Trump appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night on ABC, and both made and sparked news. For one thing, he challenged Senator Bernie Sanders to a debate. Shortly afterward, Bernie accepted the challenge and Tweeted abou

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How to cure Millennials’ love of socialism

Socialism is having a moment. I’m not just referring to Bernie Sanders’ surprisingly strong showing in the primaries. Various polls show that millennials have a more favorable view of socialism tha…

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Bernie Sanders and his wife made $205K, according to 2014 tax returns

Sen. Bernie Sanders and his wife on Friday released their full 2014 tax return, showing a combined income of more than $205,000, following pressure from Democratic presidential campaign rival Hillary Clinton.

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In victory for Bernie Sanders, Ohio judge says 17-year-olds can vote in primary - CNNPolitics.com

An Ohio county judge ruled Friday that 17-year-olds will be allowed to vote in Tuesday's primaries, a victory for Bernie Sanders' campaign.

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Even Bernie Sanders can beat Donald Trump - The Washington Post

The remaining Republican presidential candidates have spent a lot of time attacking one another in debates, but they are also starting to talk more urgently about who can win the real fight in November.

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Delegate Count Leaving Bernie Sanders With Steep Climb - NYTimes.com

Senator Bernie Sanders vowed on Sunday to fight on after losing the Nevada caucuses, predicting that he would pull off a historic political upset by this summer’s party convention.

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After Crushing Defeat, DNC Quirk Still Gives Hillary More New Hampshire Delegates Than Sanders

Though Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary in a landslide over Hillary Clinton, he will likely receive fewer delegates than she will.

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Why the female generational divide for Hillary Clinton? - CNN.com

A recent poll finds Democratic women 45 and older support Hillary Clinton much more than their younger counterparts, who lean toward Bernie Sanders.

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Bernie Sanders Ends Iowa Caucus Speech With David Bowie's "Starman" | News | Pitchfork

Sanders gives speech in Des Moines after extremely close race with Hillary Clinton

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At Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton plays to her strengths, Bernie Sanders to his base - LA Times

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont may be Hillary Rodham Clinton 's leading opponent, but for much of this year, the former secretary of State's biggest challenge has been herself.