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Biden makes a mockery of Sanders' main argument for his campaign - POLITICO

The scale of his rout has no comparison.

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Venezuelan activist: Socialist Hugo Chavez implemented what Bernie Sanders talks about | Fox News

Daniel Di Martino, a native-born Venezuelan freedom activist, had a strong warning for Americans ahead of the 2020 presidential election -- don't allow what happened to my country happen to yours.

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Bernie Sanders Could Replace President Trump With Little-Known Loophole | The Huffington Post

Here is exactly what we need to do to save our great society. The information here is what we’ve all been waiting for. By doing this we can make Bernie t...

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How to cure Millennials’ love of socialism

Socialism is having a moment. I’m not just referring to Bernie Sanders’ surprisingly strong showing in the primaries. Various polls show that millennials have a more favorable view of socialism tha…

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Susan Sarandon Pins Hopes For Bernie Sanders Win on Hillary Clinton Having ‘Health Issues’ | Mediaite

Even as the sands run out of the Bernie Sanders campaign's delegate hourglass, the upstart Democratic presidential candidate's surrogates continue to hope for

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Here's Why Bernie Sanders is Wrong About Everything

Bernie Sanders has a lot of economic narratives, and they're all wrong. Here's why.

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A New Divide Emerges Between Clinton And Sanders

The presidential candidates are occupying differing roles in a dispute over labor policy.

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Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders: What Michigan means for Ohio and beyond - CNNPolitics.com

After losing unexpectedly to Bernie Sanders in Michigan, Hillary Clinton must now win over voters in nearby Ohio and Missouri next week to continue on the path to becoming the Democratic presidential nominee.

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5 takeaways from New Hampshire

Trump delivers, Clinton's in real trouble and Sanders had better brace for scrutiny.

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Bernie Sanders Wins Every Demographic Group

The results are in: Donald Trump claims the New Hampshire primary; Bernie Sanders tops Hillary Clinton.

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See What New Hampshire Means for Clinton’s Campaign | TIME

Eight years ago, Hillary Clinton lost Iowa, then bounced back with a win in New Hampshire. This campaign, it’s likely to go the other way.

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Splits Plague Both Parties as Fall Primary Campaign Starts

As the 2016 White House race barrels into the fall, a crop of unconventional candidates like Donald Trump are upstaging their politically pedigreed rivals.