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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Israel’s Ongoing Political Corruption: Why?

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Israel’s Ongoing Political Corruption: Why? Only 75 years old, but Israel has already sent to jail one State President (Katzav), one Prime Minister (Olmert), a Treasury Minister (Hirschhorn), a Minister of the Interior (A

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Teachers’ Unions Gleeful: 'Bye Betsy,' End to School Choice

The national teachers’ unions are gleeful that some media outlets have called the presidential election for former Vice President Joe Biden.

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How Political Ads Sway Our Emotions Using Classic Filmmaking Techniques | Mental Floss

The "montage" is a century-old technique that's beloved by film directors, and presidential hopefuls.

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The Economy Is Rigged, and Other Presidential Campaign Myths - The New York Times

This year’s candidates have been particularly egregious in spreading unreliable information about the economy, often portraying themselves as the only cure.

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Donald Trump's War on Truth

The Republican front-runner’s repetition of a blatantly ridiculous story about Ted Cruz’s father shows his symbiotic relationship with the press.

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Conservative group releases brutal anti-Trump ads featuring veterans calling him a 'con man'

Military veterans are appearing in new ads from outside groups that are designed to stop Donald Trump from snagging the Republican presidential nomination.

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Delegate Count Leaving Bernie Sanders With Steep Climb - NYTimes.com

Senator Bernie Sanders vowed on Sunday to fight on after losing the Nevada caucuses, predicting that he would pull off a historic political upset by this summer’s party convention.

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Political Statement Zipper Bags with Key Ring by MadebyPade

Declare your political affiliation! These bags declare that you vote and that you are okay with crossing the aisle to get some work done. Donkeys and

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Who is John Kasich? - CNNPolitics.com

Ohio Governor John Kasich placed second Tuesday night in New Hampshire behind Donald Trump, who won the first-in-the-nation primary. Who is he?

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The 10 weirdest political stories of 2015, not including Trump - CNNPolitics.com

The past year has been an odd and occasionally inglorious one for candidates and elected officials at all levels of government.