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Feds Apologize to Violent BLM and Antifa Rioters for Not Being Nicer to Them as They Set Fires in Front of White House

If you still weren’t convinced of the legal double standard between the right and the left, this announcement by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Wednesday should remove all doubt....

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MSNBC's Cross: White People Don't Fully Understand Will Smith Slap -- 'There's a Nuance to What Happened'

MSNBC "The Cross Connection" host Tiffany Cross on Sunday attempted to explain the Will Smith slap of Chris Rock at last week's Oscars to white people, who she claimed did not understand why black people wanted them to refrain from opining on the incident

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What If a White Man Had Slapped Chris Rock?

In the court of public opinion, Will Smith will benefit from the indifference of black elites when it comes to black-on-black violence.Barack Obama will not issue a statement suggesting that “Chris Rock could be his brother.” The Rev. Al Sharpton won’t ca

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Monsey Chanukah Machete Attacker Declared Unfit for Trial

He was once arrested for punching a police horse.

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NBC and Fox host Nick Cannon, a racist, antisemitic nutcase

Nick Cannon is an actor, comedian, rapper, director, writer, producer. Most people are familiar with him as being the host on NBC’s America’s Got Talent and Fox’s The Masked Singer.

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DeSean Jackson shares anti-semitic quotes attributed to Hitler on Instagram | PhillyVoice

DeSean Jackson shared anti-semitic quotes attributed to Adolf Hitler on his Instagram story over the July 4th holiday, and continued to use the quotes as a conversation piece during several posts on the social media network on Monday afternoon.

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The Democratic Double Standard for Anti-Semitism

Ralph Northam’s racist offense prompted Democrats to call for his resignation, but anti-Semitism scandals do not result in a similar united front.

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Brett Kavanaugh Is Entitled to the Same Justice as Is Keith Ellison

The accuser in this country has the burden of evidence on them. Neither Brett Kavanaugh and Keith Ellison's accusers could meet that burden.