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Terrorism | Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous | Terrorism

The EU is funding child abuse!

They are giving money to a kindergarten that you would never send your child to!

    Miscellaneous | Terrorism

    The NY Times blames airplanes for 9/11 instead of Muslim terrorists

    This crossed a line that I didn't think could be crossed.

    Miscellaneous | Terrorism

    Terror Attack in the Old City of Jerusalem by Two Muslim Kids

    Two Muslim kids exited the Temple Mount and ran to commit a stabbing attack on Israeli police officers. Thankfully only one officer was lightly wounded.

    Miscellaneous | Terrorism

    Muslims Riot as Jews Peacefully Mourn the Destruction of the Temple

    Israeli forces were needed to protect Jews peacefully walking around Jerusalem's Old City walls to commemorate the destruction of Jerusalem.

      Miscellaneous | Terrorism

      Family Hit by Terror a Third Time

      19-year-old Dvir Sorek was murdered this morning in a terror attack in the Judean Hills.

        Miscellaneous | Terrorism

        19 Year Old Murdered in Terror Attack in the Judean Hills

        Dvir Sorek went missing last night on his return to his Educational institution, Ohr Torah Machanaim in the community of Migdal Oz in the Judean Hills.

        Miscellaneous | Terrorism

        Massive Stampede In Times Square After Active Shooter Fears

        This video is a sign of the scary times we live in. While there was no shooter at Times Square, the scare of one created a massive stampede.

          Miscellaneous | Terrorism

          Fascism on the Streets of the US

          An independant journalist was attacked by leftist Antifa thugs on the streets of Portland, yet these fascist thugs are ignored by the left & the authorities

            Miscellaneous | Terrorism

            Sexual Terror: Arab Muslim Indicted for Raping 7-Year-Old Jewish Girl - Israel Unwired

            Share on FacebookTweet WhatsappWe woke up to horrifying news this morning. A sexual terror attack against a 7-year-old Jewish girl. This 7-year old girl lives in a Jewish community in the Benjamin region of Judea & Samaria and was raped by an Arab Muslim

            Miscellaneous | Terrorism

            Fires sweep across Israel destroying community and evacuating thousands

            So much devastation.

            Miscellaneous | Terrorism

            Police Shoot Muslim Terrorist on Stabbing Spree in Jerusalem that Seriously Injured Two with One Lucky Man Escaping Harm

            Once again a Muslim terrorist commits a stabbing attack in Jerusalem trying to murder innocent Jews. Two were seriously injured.