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The Mysterious ‘Sisterhood’ Tearing Families Apart

Photo Illustrations by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Pixabay/Facebook/InstagramJason and Jennifer Veras had been together since high school. “We were a loving family. We were a happy family. We barely had any issues throughout our 23 years in a re

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Man casually strolls on Union Station tracks in 'incredibly dangerous' Pokemon Go stunt

An online video trying to flag the potential perils of Pokemon Go is drawing the ire of the Toronto Transit Commission for its shot featuring a young man walking alongside the tracks at Union Station.

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You could stop at 5 or 6 stores or just one [COMPILATION]

All of the parts put together into a full length compilation. Enjoy!

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Washington state couple chooses to raise their child species-less

Gabriel Roberts discussed his and his wife's decision to allow their child, Echo, to choose for itself what species it is.

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7 Famous People You Didn't Realize Were Insane | Cracked.com

Despite what magazines say, celebrities are not like us. Or at least we hope not. Because if society is anything like these people, we're screwed.

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WATCH: Egyptian academic demands Jews give back gold stolen during the Exodus

"We demand that they return the treasures they stole from us, including the interest they denied the Egyptian economy for many decades," political scientist tells Egyptian TV.

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Frog-Phobic Man Awarded $1.6 Million After Flood Brings Frogs

CLARENCE, N.Y. — Paul Marinaccio Sr. traces his fear of frogs to a childhood incident in Italy when a man holding bullfrogs chased him away after he'd wandered from the vineyard where his parents worked. Decades later, he found himself describin