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How Fracking Turned OPEC Into The Walking Dead | Investor's Business Daily

The river of oil now hitting the market from U.S. fracking has stunned the global energy markets. Will the U.S. oil flood lead to the demise of OPEC?

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Fracking, with care, brings big benefits: Our view

Fracking — the practice of cracking open underground oil and gas formations with water, sand and chemicals — has rescued U.S. energy production from a dangerous decline. Any debate about banning it should take a hard look at what that would cost the nation and at facts that aren't always part of the discussion.

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Even Liberal NPR Covers EPA Fracking Study as ABC, NBC Punt

NPR's Morning Edition on Friday actually covered the EPA's new report that found that fracking for oil and natural gas "has not caused widespread pollution in drinking water," as host Renee Montagne put it. The liberal public radio network's rep

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On PBS: Watch Hippie-Hypocrite Neil Young Sing 'End Fracking Now'

On Thursday, Charlie Rose invited singer-songwriter Neil Young on his PBS show to promote his latest album and played a clip of the Woodstock-generation singer’s first single - basically an anthem against Big Oil called “Who is Going to Stand Up?” I