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Gabe Ende – A Few Words for Progressive Israel-haters

Gabe Ende – A Few Words for Progressive Israel-haters How does one plead for his right to life, the right of his people to the universally accepted principle of self-determination, and the right to protect his heritage from cynically biased defamati

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HOWARD EPSTEIN: EVEN WORDS CAN HURT US Who was your politician of the year 2023? For me, the answer is Suella Braverman, who was forced out of office as Home Secretary five days after she wrote an opinion piece in The Times in which she said that there wa

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Jonathan Feldstein – When “Harvard of the South” Was an Aspiration

Jonathan Feldstein – When “Harvard of the South” Was an Aspiration When I attended Emory University in the 1980s, students expressed pride in Emory being the “Harvard of the South.”  Then, albeit acknowledging Emory’s second-class status

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PODCAST | Are Tinfoil Hats Becoming A Fashion Statement?

Listen now (32 mins) | As a precursor to today’s segment on America’s Third Watch with Kyle Warren, I wanted to mention two things. First, please take some time to read The Anti-Freedom Movements Aren’t So Different, the featured story at Undergroun

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The Anti-Freedom Movements Aren’t So Different

As misinformed and indoctrinated college students continue to fall prey to the poison of Islamic totalitarian propaganda regarding the victim status that has been bestowed on Hamas, it would be prudent to push back against the false narratives flooding ou

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PODCAST | In An Official Capacity, It’s Irresponsible & Actionable

Listen now (29 mins) | Before we get into this morning’s segments on America’s Third Watch, in which we discuss not only Squad member and US Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s (D-MI), incendiary X post published Friday but some of the lesser-known violent directi

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Steve Kramer-Israeli-American: Jew-Hatred Burgeons in the US

Steve Kramer-Israeli-American: Jew-Hatred Burgeons in the US. Although it’s been 55 years since I graduated from college, I still fondly remember my student life being enhanced by my membership in a Jewish fraternity. Today, I might have a different att

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Steve Kramer – Jew-hatred Now Acceptable in the US

Steve Kramer – Jew-hatred Now Acceptable in the US Recently, Eric Fingerhut, president and CEO of the Jewish Federations of North America and former CEO of Hillel International, reported that a new level of antisemitic intensity has been reached. Wh

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New York Times Contributor: 'Whiteness Is a Pandemic'

In what can only be described as a racist threat against all White people, a New York Times contributor, writing in the offshoot magazine...

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Thomas Keller Deletes Twitter Account After Latest Online Backlash - Eater NY

The famed chef received criticism for posting a remembrance of casino magnate and conservative donor Sheldon Adelson

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Podcast | Underground USA | United States

An irreverent, brutally truthful, fact-based podcast. If we expunge the people who foment hate and divide, if we can box up those who need to fragment the American citizenry, we as a people have a lot in common, we get along. So why do we even bother list

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WATCH: Black Lives Matter Protesters Shout ‘Israel, We Know You, You Murder Children, Too’

On Wednesday, protesters identifying with the Black Lives Matter movement marched from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol building reportedly to demonstrate the ties between BLM and the BDS movement that targets Israel. As they marched, the demonstrators

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Al Sharpton Is Not a Civil-Rights Hero | National Review

The media and the Democratic party have served as Al Sharpton’s public-relations team.

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Italy Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre under guard amid death threats

Liliana Segre, 89, is assigned two police officers in Italy after hundreds of anti-Semitic messages.

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Victor Rosenthal - The Real "Real Reason the Left Hates Israel"

Victor Rosenthal – The Real “Real Reason the Left Hates Israel” I recently came across an article on the always-fascinating topic of “The Real Reason the Left Hates Israel,” by Sharon Goldman. I highly recommend it for its analysis of the in

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Museum of Tolerance provides powerful lesson for youth hockey team

Members of the Jr Kings youth hockey team recently visited the Museum of Tolerance after members of the team were seen performing a Nazi salute and making anti-Semitic remarks in a video.

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Apology Unaccepted: Ilhan Omar Is Not Really Sorry For Her Anti-Semitic Remarks

Ilhan Omar’s second apology in as many months for making anti-Semitic remarks is not genuine, and accepting shallow contrition empowers bigotry.

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Candidate Maria Estrada Doubles Down on Anti-Jewish Hate

Maria Estrada’s hateful words spread fast on social media, in multiple print and online media from the local to national, and international levels.

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47 Nonprofit Leaders Considering a Lawsuit Against the Southern Poverty Law Center Warn Media, CEOs ‘You Are Complicit

Nearly fifty nonprofit leaders wrote an open letter to journalists, CEOs, and shareholders that "you are complicit" in the Southern Poverty Law Center's "hate group" defamation. These same groups are considering a lawsuit against the S

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2 Progressives Balk At Denouncing Known Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan | HuffPost

This shouldn't be that hard for a women's rights activist and a Democratic congressman.

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Exclusive: Nicki Minaj's 'Only' Director Says 'Neither I Nor the Video Are Anti-Semitic' | Billboard

The controversy surrounding the lyric video for Nicki Minaj's "Only" has been ongoing, and director Jeff Osborne wants to further clarify his creative intentions.