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Tinder, Sailor, Hooker, Pimp: The U.S. Navy’s sex trafficking scandal in Bahrain

NCIS probes revealed evidence that U.S. sailors were housing prostitutes in their apartments, seizing the women’s passports and taking a cut of their earnings ― profiting from the sex trade that services shipmates in Bahrain.

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Houston teen takes own life after surviving sex-trafficking ring, highlighting ongoing US epidemic | Fox News

A Houston girl took her own life two years after escaping the clutches of sex trafficking, shining a light on the crisis.

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Five arrested on suspicion of running sex trafficking ring

Five people were arrested on suspicion of running a San Gabriel Valley-based sex trafficking ring that operated from San Diego to Fresno, authorities said Tuesday.                                   

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Can Oakland police save trafficking victims in the wake of its own sex scandal?

As midnight approached, Sylvia Vigil pulled her van over along International Boulevard, her eyes locked onto the teenager leaning against a storefront.