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Rare and Threatened Wolverine Spotted In Oregon!

A rare wolverine was spotted near Portland, Oregon, instilling hope in animal lovers advocating for their protection, as the animal is currently listed as

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‘Logan’: 5 Things to Know About X-23

Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine one final time in 'Logan', but the film also marks the debut of X-23. Here's what you need to know about the character.

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The Truth About Wolverine's Healing Factor In Logan

Director James Mangold has set the record straight on what the deal is with Wolverine's healing factor next year in Logan.

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Wolverine 3: Hugh Jackman Says Final Goodbye to Wolverine Chops

Hugh Jackman says a final goodbye to his Wolverine chops in a new video, after having wrapped up filming on Wolverine 3.

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Wolverine 3: Budget & Old Man Logan Style Photos Revealed

New photos of Hugh Jackman fuel rumors about an Old Man Logan element in Wolverine 3; a film application reveals the film's budget.

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How X-Men's Screenwriter Resolves The Wolverine Mystery From The End Of Days Of Future Past - CINEMABLEND

SPOILER WARNING : The following contains EXTREMELY MINOR spoilers about X-Men: Apocalypse . If you wish to see the film knowing as little as possible about it, we recommend you think about clicking away to another one of our wonderful articles.

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Wolverine 3 May Feature This Badass X-Men Character - CINEMABLEND

Wolverine 3 is less than a year from release, which means more information is starting to come out about its character lineup. Now this badass mutant is reportedly set to make an appearance.

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R Rated Wolverine Film Might Be Old Man Logan | The Escapist

Hugh Jackman's final, R-rated Wolverine film could be an adaptation of the post-apocalyptic Old Man Logan storyline.

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Hugh Jackman Surprises Fan With Cystic Fibrosis. Cue The 'Aww'

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Hugh Jackman On Instagram: Role In ‘Wolverine 3′ Will Be His Last

Hugh Jackman’s tenure in the role that made him a star will be coming to an end in 2017. Jackman took to Instagram this morning with a cryptic post teasing that the upcoming third standalone Wolverine film will be his final appearance as the charact