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Ben Affleck Daughter Demands Mask Mandates in L.A. Hospitals

Actor Ben Affleck's daughter is demanding that the government impose mask mandates in Los Angeles hospitals. "The county must oppose mask bans for any reason," Violet Affleck said.

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Rolling Stone Investigates What Type of Mask We Should Be Wearing Right Now

 We had to check the date on this tweet to make sure it was current, a sure enough, it was posted Friday. Rolling Stone says we should be wearing masks again, but which ones? N95 or KN95? It has to be an N95, because those cloth masks we were all wearing were "nothing more than facial decoration. You shouldn't need one if you and everyone else have had the vaccine.

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It Begins: One Actress Tells Her Followers to Start Masking Again

 With COVID cases suddenly making a comeback, the old habits of the pandemic, such as people telling others what to do, are creeping back more than three years later.

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Randomized controlled trials: masks do nothing

Cochrane Library, an extremely well-regarded service that aggregates a database of high-quality medical studies and analyzes them, has published a new analysis of randomized controlled trials on physi...

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Dr. Fauci Mocked His Own Mask and Covid Advice Privately, New Book Says

Dr. Anthony Fauci privately mocked the members of the public who followed his advice on Covid-19 and mask-wearing. Fauci could not believe there were

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Not Masking Is Now Racist Because (Fill in the Blank)

These days, we can’t go a day without learning that something new is “racist.”
Math is racist. Voter ID is racist. Signature requirements are racist. Even recessions are racist....

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L.A. County Supervisor calls people opposed to a potential mask mandate ‘snowflake weepies’

"Here is the moment L.A. County Supervisor @SheilaKuehl called those who oppose mask mandates 'snowflake weepies.'"

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LA Supervisor Kuehl Calls Those Opposed to Potential Mask Mandate 'Snowflake Weepies'

LA's elected officials keep proving they don't actually care about the human cost of their policies.

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The Still-Masked Among Us

They are everywhere, and most of them are not elderly, obese, or suffering from compromised immune systems. They never needed the face masks they wear, as most human beings never needed the COVID-19 m...

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The Mask Falls

“Why is the Government so obsessed with killing, starting with abortion, euthanasia, forcing those vaccines on people, even those who don’t want them?” asks a trusted correspondent in a personal lette...

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Sen. Mitt Romney joins with Democrats to keep mask mandate for toddlers in Head Start

When are they going to start referring to Mitt Romney as a "maverick"?

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Teachers Union Will Force L.A. Kids to Wear Masks Even as Mandate Ends

The teachers union will compel children in the LAUSD to continue wearing masks to school Monday even as the county's mask mandate expires.

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L.A. Teachers Union Wants to Preserve Masks in Schools as State Ends Mandates

Students in Los Angeles County public schools will no longer have to wear masks at school, though the teachers union wants masks to stay.

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American Public Health Association corrects Gov. Ron DeSantis on effectiveness of masks, is silent about SOTU

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was “berating” students Wednesday when he told them to take their masks off or to wear one if they wanted to. A search of Twitter shows that most people think DeSantis bullied the students into takin

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WATCH: Absolute Karen Blasts Ron DeSantis for Telling Her Son He Didn't Have to Mask

Go ahead and guess who isn't wearing one, while ranting and raving.

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Students Protesting NY Mask Mandate May Face Suspension

Seventy-five maskless high school students on Thursday were reportedly rounded up by Ballston Spa High School's principal.

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California's Santa Cruz County mandates mask-wearing in private homes - TheBlaze

An indoor mask mandate has been reinstated in Santa Cruz County, California, after a surge in winter coronavirus cases has led to increased hospitalizations. The county health department is requiring that people wear face coverings in indoor settings, inc

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IL Gov. Pritzker Keeps Mask Mandate in Place as Cases Drop in Maskless FL

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) on Tuesday said he is hopeful he can lift the statewide mask mandate before the holidays.

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The Mask Is an Outward Sign of Inward Things

The COVID mask isn’t exclusively an outward sign of inward things — it is also, in some circumstances, a practical tool to prevent the spread of the infection. But those who understand the mask as a tribal identifier and a sign of righteousness are not go

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Pathetic: Vaccinated Feminists Still Masking To Avoid ‘Male Gaze’

If you haven’t noticed, a lot of lefties don’t want to get back to normal. After a year of lockdowns, fear-mongering, and the imposition of mask-wearing as a “moral responsibility” to preserve the safety of others, the conditioning of the masses has been

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FIGHTING BACK: Dad Facing Jail Time, Banned From Kids’ School For Refusing Mask Outside: If I Have To Sue, I Will 

A NY father who's spoken out about COVID restrictions and critical race theory feels he was targeted by the school over an outdoor mask mandate. He's now facing 90 days in prison.

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Biden’s COVID-19 ‘rule’ tweet panned on social media

President Biden received backlash on social media Thursday over a tweet that some users saw as a thinly veiled ultimatum when it comes to receiving a COVID-19 jab.

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‘The Choice Is Yours’: Biden Demands Americans Wear Masks Until Vaccinated

President Joe Biden tweeted from his official presidential account on Thursday evening that Americans who refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine must continue to wear masks.

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University of Iowa College Republicans Temporarily Suspended For Chalking Outside Without Face Masks

The University of Iowa’s College Republicans were temporarily suspended for chalking outside on campus without face masks on. 

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HS Runner Forced by State to Wear Mask Collapses at Finish Line

She suffered "complete oxygen debt," and finally Gov. Kate Brown did the right thing.