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‘It Feels Hopeless’: Jewish Students at Columbia Say Disparaging Texts Reflect Administration’s Indifference Toward Antisemitism

One month after Columbia University's scaled-down graduation ceremonies, most students are away from the school's Manhattan campus. Still, news of the disparaging text messages a group of Columbia administrators exchanged amid a panel on campus anti-Semit

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Netanyahu to US Jewish College Students on Campus Anti-Semitism:  “You Have to Fight”

  Edited by: Fern Sidman In a concerted effort to tackle the surge of anti-Semitism on university campuses, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with a delegation of American college students in Jerusalem on Monday. This meeting comes in the wake

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Congress Continues Antisemitism Theater With Northwestern, President on the Hot Seat

 There was another performance of antisemitism theater during a hearing by the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

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At MIT, Administrators Allow Unlawful Encampment To Displace Lawful Israeli Independence Day Event

In the run-up to an annual Israeli Independence Day celebration at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, university president Sally Kornbluth assured student organizers that an unauthorized anti-Israel encampment—located in the same area where the Je

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Northwestern Administrators Sign Resolution Calling for Boycott of 'Terror' State Israel

Northwestern University administration officials and faculty members signed a resolution demanding that the school cut ties with Israel, calling the Jewish country a "terror" state and accusing it of "one of the most atrocious and monstrous sieges in mode

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Biden Civil Rights Chief Plans To Give Columbia Law Commencement Speech As University Cancels Main Ceremony

The Biden administration’s civil rights chief Kristen Clarke is still planning to give the keynote speech at the Columbia Law School graduation next week, after Columbia canceled its main commencement ceremony amid attacks on Jewish students on campus, a

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A Yale Professor Wrote an Op-Ed About Anti-Semitism on Campus. The University Spent Over a Year Investigating Him.

Yale University spent more than a year investigating a Jewish professor for six words of an op-ed he published in a pro-Israel newspaper, raising questions about the school’s approach to anti-Semitism and free speech as the campus continues to cope with t

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Swastikas spray-painted at Columbia University professor's office

The NYPD has launched a hate crime investigation after swastikas and an anti-Semitic slur were discovered at the office of a Columbia University professor.

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Inside the College Democrats’ antisemitism problem

The group’s national leadership refused to support a draft statement in response to anti-Israel protests that included a standalone condemnation of antisemitism

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Dem Candidate Sue Altman Partnered With Anti-Israel Group Behind Rutgers University Encampment

During her time as the New Jersey Working Families Party's (NJWFP) state director, swing district candidate Sue Altman (D., N.J.) worked closely with one of the groups now organizing the anti-Israel encampment on Rutgers’s campus.

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Pro-Palestinian ‘Encampment’ Demands Boycott of Jewish Groups at UC Santa Cruz

SJP at UC Santa Cruz has issued starkly antisemitic demands that include the university severing ties with Jewish community organizations.

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WSJ: Pro-Palestinian Encampments Trained for ‘Months’

The Wall Street Journal reports that many of the pro-Palestinian activists in campus "encampments" around the nation trained for "months."

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Former Obama Education Secretary Attends Chicago Encampment with Radicals Connected to Burning U.S. Flag

Arne Duncan, a former official within the Obama administration, was seen attending an anti-Israel encampment with radicals.

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Harvard Commencement Speaker Published Editorial Likening Israel to Hitler

Harvard's commencement speaker, media CEO Maria Ressa, published an editorial that compared Israel after Hamas's October 7 terrorist attack to Nazi Germany and accused the Jewish state of "targeting" news reporters in an "unprecedented attack on journalis

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Pro-Palestinian Activists Rally at UCLA as Police Prepare to Remove Encampment

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators rallied at UCLA as LAPD officers arrived in riot gear to remove the week-old "encampment."

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Why Are Women in America Cheering for Hamas and Iran?

Are these female protestors for Hamas so afraid of freedom that they appease the most dangerous demons on earth by supporting them?

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Astroturfing Exposed: The Coordinated Anti-Israel Protests and the Power Behind Them

This is an important reminder of the complex, deceptive, and hidden dynamics that fuel protests of a geopolitical nature.

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Cops raise US flag, toss Palestinian banner after ending City College pro-terror protest

Video from Wednesday morning captured members of the NYPD standing atop the base of the flagpole as they worked to remove the quad color flag, where they ripped it from the rope before tossing it t…

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‘Picking on the smallest minority’: College students ‘rehashing age-old anti-Semitic tropes’

Israeli author and activist Noa Tishby has blasted college students for “rehashing age-old anti-Semitic tropes” by “picking on the smallest minority in the w...

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Columbia students tried to delay mob takeover of Hamilton Hall, but say 'police never came'

Columbia University students stared down a mob of anti-Israel protesters who were taking over an academic building last night in the hope that police would arrive and back them up

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It Was Only a Matter of Time Before We Saw Something Like This at These Pro-Hamas Rallies

 It was only a matter of time before the truth seeped out of these pro-Hamas rallies. We’ve known the true intent for months, but the media will find it harder to pivot when they see signs and paraphernalia like this.

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AOC Praises Columbia Protest Encampment After ‘Student Leader’ Said ‘Zionists Don’t Deserve To Live’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) visited the anti-Semitic protest encampment at Columbia University this week and praised its leadership, which comes after video went viral of one of the most vocal students in the protest saying earlier this year that “Zionists don’t deserve to live.”

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This Jew Hater Is EVERYTHING Wrong With Generation Z

One of the Columbia protest organizers makes clear just how much he hates Jews; USC cancels its commencement out of fear of protesters; and the Supreme Court...

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We are the West's last generation before the new Dark Age begins

There is a fatal contradiction at the heart of Western societies, a nihilistic impulse, a pathological self-loathing that threatens to destroy our way of life. We live in the freest, wealthiest, healthiest, fairest and most technologically advanced polities in history, and yet millions of young people are being taught to hate the West, to despise the liberties that make their lifestyles possible, to tear down every institution and tradition.

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It's Time to Act Against Antisemitic Behavior on Campus

In the past few weeks, we have witnessed an unabated explosion of Jew-hatred at some of the top American universities, including Columbia, Yale, New York University, and others.

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Wait, Did Ilhan Omar Really Say That About Jewish Students?

 When pressed about the antisemitism emanating from the pro-Hamas encampment, the Minnesota leftists said that she spoke with Jewish students in the camp, but she said something weird about the encounters. Omar has a history of antisemitism, like when she tweeted Israel hypnotizes the world, but you know that already.

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How anti-Semitism became a virtue on American campuses

The anti-Israel camps taking over elite universities are a physical manifestation of the DEI agenda.

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Restore Order and Crush the Campus Jihadist Thugs

The basic formula for fighting back against Hamas' useful campus idiots is simple.

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Network Behind Eruption of Anti-Israel College Campus Protests Revealed

Network Behind Eruption of Anti-Israel College Campus Protests Revealed by Dion J. Pierre   Alegemeiner News Service Anti-Zionist protests striking US colleges and universities across the country have been the result of “tightly coordinated” efforts

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USC Cancels Commencement Ceremony Amid Pro-Hamas Antics by Lunatic Students

 The University of Southern California will be canceling their main commencement ceremony amid pro-Hamas shenanigans by leftist students that’s turned many a campus across America into riot zones. Students are protesting the war in Gaza, though many times it’s devolved into calls for murdering Jewish people and the destruction of Israel. At Yale, one Jewish student was stabbed in the eye.

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AOC Lets the Mask SLIP in UNHINGED, Angry Rant at Republicans for DEFENDING Israel and Jewish Students

 Imagine being THIS ANGRY because politicians visit a college campus in crisis and defend Israel and the Jewish students whom their classmates are terrorizing. At this point, we're starting to think AOC's mask is not just slipping, it has entirely come off.

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Stefanik accuses Columbia president of perjury after pro-Hamas prof denies reprimand

Nemat Shafik said that Professor Joseph Massad had been “spoken to” about an article praising Hamas’ attack on Israel; Massad denied he’d been reprimanded in any way

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GOP Delegation Arrives at Columbia To Call for Shafik's Resignation

A group of Republican lawmakers, led by House Speaker Mike Johnson (La.), descended on Columbia University on Wednesday and called for school president Minouche Shafik's resignation.

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A howl of rage against civilisation

The orgy of bigotry at Columbia University heaps shame on America.

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At Columbia I Am Told: ‘Go Back to Poland’

My Israeli flag was stolen and burned. I was hit. And the school is preventing the NYPD from protecting us.

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United States of Charlottesville

A couple of weeks ago, on the occasion of the Dearborn al-Quds Day hatefest, I noted that America was experiencing a regular bout of Charlottesvilles—the 2017 white supremacist race-war rally

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Biden’s America: Jewish Students Advised to Flee Columbia University for Their Own Safety

 The Orthodox rabbi at Columbia University and Barnard College issued a statement advising Jewish students to leave campus and return home because of ongoing demonstrations by anti-Israel activists that threaten their safety.

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Columbia Law School To Host Speaker Who Charged Jews Benefit From 'White Privilege,' Creating Tension With 'People of Color’

Columbia Law School is slated to host an event next week with a DEI author and alumna who said Jews benefit from "white privilege," thus creating "some sort of tension" between Jews and "people of color."

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Fighting Antisemitism at Berkeley

Ilana Pearlman’s black Jewish son thought he was safe. He wasn’t.

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In DC, Jewish students tell House committee: 'It’s open season on Jews on our campus' | The Times of Israel

Months after the Education and Workforce Committee hearing that contributed to the resignation of top school presidents, Jewish students say the hatred continues unchecked

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Pink Floyd Frontman's Nazi Uniform Was No Big Deal, Penn's Anti-Semitic Cartoonist Says

The University of Pennsylvania communications lecturer who published a slew of anti-Semitic cartoons is defending Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters from charges of anti-Semitism, describing the Nazi regalia Waters wore on stage as a "leather jacket."

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Speaker at MIT’s ‘Standing Together Against Hate' Event Endorsed Hamas Terrorism as Lawful 'Resistance'

In an attempt to ease campus "tension" following Hamas's Oct. 7 attack on Israel, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is slated to bring a series of guest speakers to campus—including one who endorsed Hamas terrorism as an act of lawful "resistance.

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The Left And Islam: An Infernal Alliance

Liberal society is marching shoulder to shoulder with the savages of Islamic holy war

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Wary of Deportation, Elite Colleges Won't Expel Anti-Semitic Foreign Students

As anti-Israel protesters swarmed college campuses, MIT president Sally Kornbluth drew a line in the sand: Any student engaged in an unsanctioned protest would face expulsion.

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Brandeis University Bans Students for Justice in Palestine, Citing Support of Hamas | National Review

Brandeis is the first private U.S. college to ban the group.

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'Future Federal Prosecutor and Judge.' Editor of the Harvard Law Review ASSAULTS Jewish Students

 The ease to which leftwing activists feel entitled to engage in violence is beyond disturbing. This is especially true when you see activists violently attacking peaceful protestors.

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US professors using classrooms to spread antisemitic lies

In today’s academia, professors who teach lies that smear Jews and Israel rarely face negative consequences. In fact, some even receive career advancement. 

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Report: Anti-Semitic Harassment at U.S. College Campuses Hits Historic Levels

Anti-Semitic harassment on college campuses aimed at pro-Israel students jumped by 70 percent in the past year, the highest levels ever seen.