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Qatar’s War for Young American Minds | The Free Press

The same country now protecting Hamas’s senior leaders has donated billions to American universities. Here’s why.

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Hamas-Harboring Qatar Set To Buy DC Sports Franchises, Parents Of Hostage Plead With Leagues For Help

The leadership of Hamas operates out of Qatar, which finances and protects the terrorist group. Yet the owner of the Washington Capitals and the Washington Wizards sports franchises is set to sell the foreign nation a 5% stake in the teams.

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Cultural appropriation and the Jews

Irving, West, the Black Israelites, the Nation of Islam and their ilk have no choice but to demonize the Jews, because Jewish endurance and legitimacy expose the fraud at the heart of their invented identity.

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Qatar’s farcical World Cup begins

Qatar’s censorship on behalf of its Iranian ally aligns with the sly, underhanded manner through which it used its wealth and influence for the purpose of bribing FIFA into awarding Doha the 2022 World Cup, an outcome that former FIFA President Sepp Blatt

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American Universities Being Used for Antisemitic, UnAmerican Propaganda

Students and faculty at American universities satellite campuses in Qatar issued awkwardly similar condemnations of Israel during last...

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Biden Hires Former Qatari Lobbyist as Senior Adviser

President Biden continues to pack his White House team with former lobbyists who advocated on behalf of foreign nations...

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LA mayor accepts $5 million donation for city residents from state sponsor of terrorism Qatar: “Truly generous humanitarian gift”

Garcetti accepted the $5 million donation from Qatar on behalf of the mayor's charitable fund to allegedly give aid to city residents.

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How Al Jazeera is Avoiding Registering as a Foreign Agent

The international media conglomerate Al Jazeera has long operated as a Qatari publicity agent, producing content that consistently reflects the emirate's pro-Islamist, anti-American outlook. But when the U.S. Justice Department, spurred on by Russian

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Ilhan Omar 'Qatari asset,' Florida court hears

The Democratic Congresswoman is said to have passed information to Qatar which was subsequently handed along to Iran.

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Al Jazeera’s Disgraceful Holocaust-Denying Video Showcases Qatari Evil For All To See

Over the weekend, Qatari regime propaganda outfit Al Jazeera published and subsequently took down an unfathomably anti-Semitic video that questioned the number of Jews murdered by the Thir

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Qatar’s war to destroy pro-Israel Jews

Some of these leaders even invited members of the Qatari royal family to their children’s weddings, all while Qatar continued to fund Hamas and spew antisemitic bile through Al Jazeera.

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With Sepp Blatter out, FIFA should start by stripping Qatar of 2022 World Cup

If FIFA wants to show it's serious about cleaning house in the post-Blatter world, it should start by doing something profound like saving lives.

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Report: Qatar Plans to Fund a New Gaza Flotilla

Qatar, a dedicated supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, will fund a flotilla to Gaza spearheaded by a Turkish group with reported terrorist ties, according to an Israeli media report. A report by the Israeli news site NRG quoted in the Algemein