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White House Atty Tries to Tell Speaker Johnson Impeachment's Over; Johnson Tells Him to Stay in His Lane

 On Friday, White House Counsel Ed Siskel sent Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson a letter, claiming that the impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden was "over," and telling Johnson, "It's time to move on." Mr. Siskel has evidently not read the Constitution, because the White House has no authority over this process, and to his endless credit, Speaker Johnson wasted no time explaining that in no uncertain terms.

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Speaker Johnson reveals $17 billion Israel aid bill, says Senate 'will no longer have excuses'

House Speaker Mike Johnson sent a letter to his House GOP colleagues on Saturday announcing a new bill to send funding to Israel in its war on Hamas.

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Speaker Johnson Unveils Impeachment Case Against Joe Biden

You've heard Democrats, the media, and Mitt Romney all harp on the same absurd talking point: there's no evidence justifying impeaching Joe Biden.

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New Speaker of the House Talks Intersection of Faith, Politics

In an interview with The Daily Signal, new House Speaker Mike Johnson explains how his Christian faith informs his politics.

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New House Speaker Has History Of Bluntly Confronting Democrats

New House Speaker Mike Johnson has a history of outspoken, blunt rhetoric when it comes to battling the Democrats.

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