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Off-Season Travails: An Ode to Winter Riding

As a salute of solidarity to everyone who keeps getting out on the bike through winter,

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Spice Girl 'Shocked' by 'Racism' of Not Seeing 'Brown or Mixed or Black' People in Colorado

'I always find myself looking.'

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Colorado Shooter Identifies As Non-Binary, Uses They/Them Pronouns: Court Documents

The 22-year-old suspect who allegedly killed five and wounded 17 others after opening fire inside a gay nightclub in Colorado last week identifies as non-binary and uses They/Them pronouns, according to court documents.

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Colorado Residents Find Thermostats Locked At 78 Degrees Due To ‘Energy Emergency’

Thousands of Colorado residents were unable to change the temperatures in their own homes on Tuesday when a smart thermostat company locked its devices at a balmy 78 degrees Fahrenheit due to a local “energy emergency.”

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Jim Merz Portland to Denver 1964

Way back in 2017 I received permission to share this gallery from Jim Merz of a cross country bicycle tour from Portland to Denver that he and a companion undertook in 1964. As that blog has been lost to time, I thought it was a good idea to once more mak

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Outlaw Origins of Mountain Biking // Born From Junk

"Born From Junk" traces the outlaw roots of mountain biking back to its raw beginnings in Crested Butte, where a crew of unlikely pioneers in pursuit of wild...

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1984 Coors International Bicycle Classic

The final big race before the 1984 games. Used by permission of the Race Director and Film Producer.

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1986 Pikes Peak Bicycle Race Part 1

6:00 AM, September 5, 1986. This was one of the cycling events during the World Cycling Championships that the public could participate in. As I remember,...

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Millions push to reduce a truck driver's 110-year sentence after a deadly accident

Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos was 23 when his semi crashed on a Colorado interstate, causing a fiery pileup that killed four people. More than 4 million people are petitioning to reduce his sentence.

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Why Cycles Big Iron Fat Bike Gets Updated

The Big Iron is Why Cycles' flagship fat bike, built around 27.5×4.5” or 26×5” wheels and a titanium chassis. The newly-updated V2 sees some updates to a slightly more progressive geometry and a new UDH hanger to future-proof this

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Teaser: Banana Belt Bike People

Colorado is calling. Tune in October 28 for the second episode in our “For the Love of Dirt” series. #SalsaCycles #ForTheLoveOfDirt

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The Podcast | Underground USA | United States

Donald Trump's speech at CPAC pretty much hit on the way Most Americans feel today, that they are tired of an overbearing and oppressive government from top to bottom. It's ironic Americans are pushing back against this totalitarianism at the very same ti

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Micro Camper Van Pro Build Out ????️

Small Camper Van road trip to get a proper Van Build out and ride Gravel bikes with AVC RIG: https://bit.ly/AVC_RIGBecome a Member????: http://bit.ly/EBD_Insid...

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Small Camper Van Build out for Cycling Adventures!

Small Camper Van to get a proper Van Build out and ride Gravel bikes with AVC Rig in Colorado.Become a Member????: http://bit.ly/EBD_InsiderCreo Geo Decals????: ...

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Rep. Lauren Boebert Faces Lawsuit After Blocking Crazed Antifa Activist On Twitter

Freshman Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is in the crosshairs of the Left’s double-standard, cancel culture censorship campaign after she blocked

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Snow and Sunsets in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains: Things to be Thankful For – john watson

What a year it's been. To be honest, as the editor/owner/curator of this website, I was very nervous about how we would survive the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. So much of my work that goes into this site is about traveling to other communities, docu

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Rapha Colorado

https://www.rapha.cc/stories/colorado Rapha recently visited Colorado, taking three riders on a 10-day riding trip through one of the world's best cycling lo...

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First In-N-Out burgers in Colorado met with 14-hour line, traffic jams

The iconic California fast-food joint opened its first locations in Colorado on Friday, causing a miles-long line and a 14-hour drive-thru wait.

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Colorado Referendum Would Remove State From Popular Vote Compact, Protect Electoral College

Voters in Colorado will have the opportunity to reverse a liberal policy imposed on them by a Democrat governor and

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Crime Exploding In Aurora, CO, As Police Choose To ‘Walk Away’ From Potentially Violent Criminals

Crime is surging in Aurora, Colorado, as police officers elect to “walk away” from calls on alleged criminals rather than get into potentially violent

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Colorado Democrat Party Member Suggests Using Violence: ‘Morally Acceptable’ To ‘Lie,’ ‘Cheat,’ ‘Steal’

A newly-released undercover sting video from James O'Keefe's Project Veritas allegedly showed a "member of the Colorado Democratic Party Executive and

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Leadville Trail 100 2019 – EF Gone Racing

“I can tell you what to do… I fire that shotgun to start the race and you put your nose on the handlebars and you start pedalling, and you keep pedalling unt...

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Protests Helped Save Black-Owned Business That Coronavirus Nearly Killed

When coronavirus killed foot traffic at Tommy Rhine's downtown Denver cobbler shop, he fell behind on rent. A "Black owned business" sign in his shop window during protests led to lots of business.

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3 Officers Fired Over Photos Taken Near Elijah McClain Memorial

The Aurora, Colo., police chief said the officers mocked the death of Mr. McClain, a 23-year-old massage therapist who died several days after officers put him in a chokehold last summer.

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Wahoo Frontiers Episode 2: Peter Stetina

Riding is fun. Racing should be fun. But it’s hard to remember that when focusing on wins and watts, podiums and purses. It becomes exhausting. So there’s a ...

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California Dems Flood Colorado With Cash Ahead of National Popular Vote Referendum

California Democrats have been cutting six-figure checks to promote the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact in Colorado ahead of a referendum vote.

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The Astronauts - Colorado Music Experience 02-12-2019

Powerhouse instrumentals launched the landlocked Astronauts higher than many 1960s surf groups. https://colomusic.org/video/the-astronauts-2/

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This Hip Hotel's 'Radical' Pricing Model Lets You Pay What You Wish

One of the most frustrating travel experiences is shelling out big bucks for a hotel stay, only to find that the rooms don't quite look like the photos, the amenities aren't as advertised or the...

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Ben Nichols of Lucero performs the full album "The Last Pale Light in the West" at Ratio Beerworks.| Pinterest

Ben Nichols of Lucero performs and discusses his album "The Last Pale Light in the West".

27:22 is about the start of his performance.

9/8/2015 at Ratio Beerworks.

An event produced by Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry.

Filmed and Edited by Devin Strauch
Additional camera by Austin Dolan
Additional editing: Dr. Matthew Makley

Filmed with a t3i and t6i, both using magic lantern and nifty fifty lenses. Audio from a zoom h4n hooked to the soundboard.

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Late Summer Bliss on the Steamboat New Belgium Ramble Ride | The Radavist

A few years back, you might recall a story that Radavist author and contributor Kyle Kelley wrote, regarding a trip called the Steamboat Ralleye. There was even a video! 2015 seems like a long time ag...

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Those aren't golf balls: Large hail chunks pelt Colorado fairways | Fox News

Pictures emerged Wednesday depicting damaging storms that dumped large hail across the Denver metro region earlier this week.

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Dirtbag Whirlwind: Staying Young on Western Whitewater

A shoestring adventure in unfamiliar waters in the name of freedom, exploration and staying stoked.

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Colorado: Marijuana money isn't the pot of gold voters hoped for

School district officials are often asked why they need more funding since taxes on marijuana go toward education.

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Estes Park » Internet: Compare 16 Service Providers

Compare Internet Service Providers in Estes Park, CO: See plans and prices from CenturyLink, TDS Telecom, dishNET and 13 other providers.

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For the Love of Punk

Where the Music is First

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GoPro Mountain Games | Exclusive Gallery and Recap | SUP Magazine

A SUP mag exclusive photo gallery and analytical recap of all things whitewater standup paddling at the 2016 GoPro Mountain Games.

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Dumbing Down the Shore

Wade Simmons finally speaks out on what he calls the

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Trevor Story is the first MLB player to hit a home run in each of the first 3 games of his career - The Denver Post

It also was the fourth home run in the first three games of Story's big-league career, something no player has done in modern baseball history (since 1900

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Meet the Super Bowl Athlete Who Rides as Hard as He Plays

Denver Broncos safety David Bruton Jr. spends his offseason climbing and descending Colorado's toughest roads and trails.

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This May Be the Country's Coolest Gravel Grinder

"It's not about a race, it's just about being out there and having a good time." That's the thinking behind this video from the folks at Kitsbow and Niner. Their Steamboat Ralleye featured 19,302 feet of clim

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Colorado castle is one man's hand-built monument to freedom

It's best not to ask Jim Bishop when he might finish his fairy-tale castle. It only riles him up.

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Road 34

Road 34

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Colorado man ticketed for fatally shooting computer; says it was worth it

A Colorado man finally had enough of his troublesome computer Monday and did what pretty much everyone has fantasized about: He shot and killed it.