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Treasured artifact from 2,800 years ago reveals written references to the biblical King David

Researchers have confirmed that a stone artifact from more than 2,800 years ago has written references to King David in the Bible. The Mesha Stele, also known as the Moabite Stone, dates back to approximately 840 BC. The 3-foot tall stone slab of black ba

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Researchers verify written records of biblical King David found off Dead Sea coast

The Mesha Stele, a basalt stone slab discovered in 1868 east of the Dead Sea that has provided historians the largest source of the Moabite language to date - Click the link for more details.

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How Did David Defeat Goliath? - Jewish History

In the famous narrative, young David slays Goliath, the giant Philistine warrior, using a round pebble he collected from a brook.

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Ancient cloth with Bible's purple dye found in Israel, dated to King David's era

3 scraps from 1,000 BCE, earliest such finds in region, point to Edomite kingdom described in Bible; vibrant and lasting 'royal' dye, mark of the elite, comes from murex sea snails

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UNPACKED - King David and The United Monarchy

UNPACKED – King David and The United Monarchy The United Monarchy may only have lasted a brief 80 years, but the merger of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah had a huge impact that reverberates to this day. We’re examining how the unification came a