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10 Thanksgiving TV Episodes That Will Help You Get through This Holiday

Thanksgiving 2020 is going to be a rough one and you need help from your old friends. Here are the best Thanksgiving sitcom episodes to stream if you want to feel warm and happy.

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The Best Thanksgiving Movies to Stream Right Now

Comedy, family, horror, heavy drama—Turkey Day has it all (and they all involve turkey).

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9 Thanksgiving Activities to Make Your Holiday at Home More Fun for Kids and Adults Alike

See fun Thanksgiving activities and things to do on Thanksgiving Day for kids and adults. From Thanksgiving games to family-friendly activities and things to do for adults, this list of ideas will help you make your Thanksgiving Day or Friendsgiving a bus

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The History Behind 10 Thanksgiving Dishes | Mental Floss

Even Alexander Hamilton wanted you to eat turkey at Thanksgiving. Here's the history behind the bird and nine other holiday staples.