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15 Turkey Facts That Will Make You Sound Smart This Thanksgiving

If the words snood and wattle sound funny to you, then you are going to gobble this post right up!

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The History of America’s Favorite Thanksgiving Brands - Fortune

Turkey hotlines, marshmallow sales, and other tales of the (Thanksgiving) tape. There’s no question that Americans’ eating habits are changing. But when it comes to Thanksgiving, consumers are still rooted in tradition.

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Want to Win the Argument at Thanksgiving Dinner? A Successful Trial Lawyer Says Do These 10 Things | Inc.com

Thanksgiving is the #1 time during the year when distant family members wind up in heated arguments. If you're going to engage, why not win?

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Thanksgiving for Beginners - Chowhound

New rule: No more fussy holiday meals. You cook a turkey (we show you how in a simple, photo-heavy recipe) and all the fixings. You time it just right (again, we'll show you how). And you enjoy it immensely (for that, you're on your own). We do, however,