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Hostages in Israel update: Families of loved ones taken by Hamas share their horrific stories

The list of suspected hostages taken by Hamas in Israel has grown to children, elderly people and military service members.

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How Leftists Are Building The Framework For 'Parenting Licenses'

Licensing of parents might still sound fringy, but it’s an old social engineering dream that dies hard. And they’re busily building the road to get there.

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NEW NORMAL?: Students at SUNY Must Test Negative for COVID to Leave for Thanksgiving

In a move more appropriate for a 1960s Soviet gulag than a 21st Century American university, the Chancellor of the

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Killed in a car accident, cremated, and then he returned: Mystery shrouds one man's disappearance in China

Nobody doubted the dead man’s identity. He had been disfigured in the crash, but the white hair, the short stature — it all pointed to Ma Jixiang, who had gone missing in 2009.