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Omnibus Bill Being Flown to St. Croix for Biden Signature

Well, if this doesn’t take the cake. I mean the whole platter of angel food. No, make it the whole darn bakery. As if this administration and the Democrats have not shown enough insufferable hubris, incredible hypocrisy, unparalleled arrogance, and a monumental entitlement mentality, this would certainly qualify.

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Wild Spending: House Dem Lands $1 Million for Former Client Implicated in Child Rape Case

Rep. Susan Wild (D., Pa.) is poised to secure $1 million in taxpayer funding for a children's mental health asylum she defended in a molestation case.

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Trump Letter Surfaces, Believed to Prove Trump Sneaked Wall Funding into Spending Bill

Democrats in Congress gloated when they thought the spending bill denied Trump funds for the border wall, but some theorize that Trump will have the last laugh.