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Social Security Administration burdens seniors with push for clawbacks, lawmakers say

House lawmakers are demanding answers amid a report that Social Security benefits are overpaid to more than 2 million Americans annually, who are then contacted for repayment.

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PODCAST | Lies, Damn Lies & Joe Biden

Listen now (28 min) | Before we get to this morning's segment of The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I need to make a comment about the State of the Union Address and Joe Biden's performance, specifically the response that t

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Biden Pulls a Kerry: He’s Against It But Will Push For It

Those people who are protected by the United States as citizens of its territories are not included in many of the social safety net...

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7 Changes to Social Security in 2020 | The Motley Fool

From what beneficiaries will be paid to what workers could owe in payroll tax, big changes are on the way for America's top social program.

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Dead? No problem - your check is in the mail | Fox News

After admitting to spending nearly a decade fraudulently cashing her dead mother’s Social Security checks, Pamela Thompson, 63, of Algiers, Louisiana, was sentenced in February to three years probation and restitution of $297,325 for theft of government