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3 L.A. County DMV employees admit to accepting cash bribes in exchange for licenses – Press Telegram

The employees accepted cash in exchange for giving drivers licenses to people who could not pass the written test, driving test, or both, court records showed.

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House Republicans Introduce Bill to Repeal Fraud-Prone ‘Motor Voter’ Law

Ask any Republican politician or election official what the most potent enemy to a sovereign election is and you will

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Real ID

By October 2020, if you don’t have a Real ID or a passport, you will not be able to fly.

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Don’t wait for hours at the DMV — head to the grocery store instead

Like taxes, a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles is something we all have to do — and all want to avoid.But in a stroke of forward-thinking benevolence, the state agency is now making it easier to renew vehicle registrations, witho