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Can Our Manager Take Away a Promised Perk? - Workplace Coach Blog

Can a manager take away a promised perk? Should a manager do it? As an employee, what can you do?

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Your Employee Right to Schedule Sanity v. Your Employer's Rights - Workplace Coach Blog

Can your employer just adjust your work schedule or do you have employee rights?

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If It's My Supervisor Who Creates the Problems, Can I Keep My Job? - Workplace Coach Blog

When it's the supervisor who creates the problem, what recourse do I have if I get fired?

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Can We Fire Employees Who Took Part in the Capitol Building Riots? - Workplace Coach Blog

Employers can fire employees to who took part in the Capitol building riots, unless they were peaceful protestors

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You Worked for a Crook Who Fired You Abruptly? Don't Waste Time Badmouthing Your Ex-boss; Explore Your Legal Options. - Workplace Coach Blog

After years of hard work, you're fired abruptly for no reason, and he took advantage all along

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Framed by a Vengeful Coworker - Workplace Coach Blog

When you've been framed by a coworker who put the moves on & you said "no"

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COVID-19 & First Responders: Work Comp: Justice or Injustice? - Workplace Coach Blog

COVID first responders & workers compensation: justice needed

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Do Employer Owe Employees Paid Sick Leave When They Self-Quarantine - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: After I spent a weekend bar hoping, I felt remorseful, and self-quarantined so I wouldn’t bring COVID into my …

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I Was Laid Off; Now That My Employer is Hiring Do I Get My Job Back? - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: My employer laid me off due to COVID-19 in April. The job scene is a disaster. I get up …

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I Don't Want to Wear a Face Mask; Can My Employer Make Me? - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: My employer’s “back to the office” email informs us we’re required to wear face masks anytime we’re not at …

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Protecting My Privacy from a Coworker's Prying Eyes - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: What rights do I have when my employer’s receptionist repeatedly invades my privacy by opening my personal mail?  I …