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My Boss is an Alcoholic | Workplace Coach Blog

my boss is a functional, high-performing alcoholic, what are my options if I fear raising the topic and possibly losing my job?

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There's a Simple Way to Tell If Your Wine Has Gone Bad

Before tossing out an old bottle of wine, use this test to determine its freshness.

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Last orders: how we fell out of love with alcohol | Alcohol | The Guardian

More and more young people are choosing not to drink. But what would society be like without alcohol? And could a new alcohol substitute really give us a risk-free buzz?

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How to Preserve Opened Champagne Without a Stopper

A silver spoon won’t save your uncorked champagne, but this trick will.

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Employee Uses FMLA to Cover Drinking | Workplace Coach Blog

Alcoholic employee claims FMLA leave after calling in sick 2 to 3 Mondays a month.

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Working for an Alcoholic Boss & Expecting to Be Fired Tomorrow | Workplace Coach Blog

Working for an alcoholic boss? Expecting to be fired? Here's what you need to realize about alcoholic bosses. And you may want to quit.

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Does ‘Hair of the Dog’ Really Work as a Hangover Cure? | Mental Floss

The hair of the dog is one of the oldest hangover cures still around today. But can it really save you from that pounding headache?

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My Job is at Risk from an Alcoholic Boss - Workplace Coach Blog

When you work for an alcoholic boss, realize you can't change their behavior

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Airlines ban alcohol on planes in response to Covid-19 | CNN Travel

As airlines resume operations in the Covid-19 era, many major carriers, including Virgin Atlantic, KLM and American Airlines, are suspending alcohol service on some or all flights

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11 Best Alcohol Delivery Services for Liquor, Beer, & Wine Across the Country - Condé Nast Traveler

Whether you're looking for a new craft beer, a DIY cocktail kit, or your favorite bottle of bourbon, these alcohol delivery services will bring it to your door.

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What Really Happens to Your Body When You Drink a Glass of Wine Every Night

If you enjoy a glass of wine every night, find out how the drink affects everything from your weight to your gut and heart — and which type of wine is best.

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Easy Cocktail Recipes for the Coronavirus Era: Please Don't Call Them Quarantinis | Epicurious

How to make cocktails with a low-stocked bar, even if you don't have vermouth or citrus. There are cocktail recipes for whatever you've got.

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Liquor Taxes Could Go Up 400%, Thanks to Congressional Dysfunction - The New York Times

A temporary cut in federal taxes on alcohol fueled the growth of American distilleries, but its expiration threatens their demise.

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Surprising Ways Alcohol May Be Good for You

That glass of wine with dinner might do more for you than take the edge off a long day. Check out these possible health benefits of drinking in moderation by clicking through the WebMD slideshow.

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52 Celebrities Who Don't Drink Alcohol

From Blake Lively to Kendrick Lamar, these are the celebrities you won't see with a drink in their hand. 

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The Forgotten Addiction | Psychology Today

As a tidal wave of worry about opioid overdose engulfs the nation, what even larger tragedies have been swept out to sea?

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if you’re sensitive to alcohol, you’re probably sensitive to sleep deprivation too

By Julia Gottwald. It seems alcohol intoxication and sleep deprivation are more similar than we once thought.

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Your Personality Doesn't Change Much When You're Drunk, Study Finds

If you think you've got an alter ego when you're drunk, think again. A new study finds your personality actually isn't all that different while intoxicated.

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I’m surprised how happy I am after giving up alcohol | Catherine Gray | Opinion

Now that I’m teetotal, my family and friends like me a lot more, says the author Catherine Gray

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A Landmark Study on the Origins of Alcoholism - The Atlantic

By studying rats in a smarter way, scientists are finally learning something useful about why some drinkers become addicted and others don’t.

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More Drivers Killed Under the Influence of Drugs Than Alcohol | Health Care News | US News

A new report found fatally injured drivers are increasingly under the influence of one or more drugs.

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This graph shows every single alcohol reference in Taylor Swift's albums and it's quite something

Data-loving Redditer waitingforgoodoh plotted every alcohol reference in Taylor Swift's albums. And, the results are quite something.

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Is Guinness really 'good for you'? - CNN

Guinness, like other Irish stouts, enjoys a seasonal popularity every St. Patrick's Day. It has also been touted as "good for you," at least by its own advertising posters.

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Does Drinking Alcohol Actually Kill Off Your Sore Throat Germs? Science Explains

Alcohol is a well-known disinfectant and some have speculated it may be useful for treating gut infections. Could alcohol be a useful agent to treat tummy bugs and throat infections?

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Today's Wine Glasses Are Almost Seven Times Larger Than They Were in 1700 | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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When Someone You Love Is an Alcoholic or Addict

Living with an addict can be a living hell. Trying to help can often make matters worse. Find out what you can do to make a difference.

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Do We Need to Give Up Alcohol to Lose Weight? Not Necessarily

Alcohol remains one of the most controversial and confusing topics for people concerned about controlling their weight.

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Body Image Problems Tied to Alcohol Issues

New research finds that body image misconceptions among teen-aged girls are associated with alcohol consumption. Notably, teen girls who report and act on

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Here's why you may not get free drinks in Las Vegas anymore

Time was Las Vegas casinos served free booze so you would stay and gamble — and maybe loosen up enough to play even more. Now a few big casino companies are shifting gears by rewarding certain gamblers and leaving others high and dry.

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As Faulkner Lay Drinking - The Daily Beast

A look at the award-winning author’s complex relationship with liquor and writing.

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The L.A. chocolatier that makes beautiful chocolate you can pair with booze

According to Jonathan Grahm, owner of the Brentwood-based Compartés Chocolatier, "everything is better with chocolate," including alcohol.

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Your Wine Might Have More Alcohol in It Than You Thought

If your hangovers have been worse over the years, you might have something else other than getting older to blame. A new study, published in the Journal of Wine Economics, found that wine is getting boozier every year—and that some winemakers claim their wine has less alcohol than it really does.

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Alcohol to blame for Australians funny accents: expert | New York Post

Aussies with funny accents should blame it on the Foster’s, says a Melbourne-based language expert. Dean Frenkel, of Victoria University, believes the quirky Australian dialect stems from early settlers’ booze-filled conversations. “The Australian a

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“If you love me, you’ll drink this”: 7 movie cocktails you shouldn’t try at home

1. Schnapps on white bread, Taxi Driver (1976)According to Hollywood legend, acclaimed film composer Bernard Herrmann wasn’t interested in scoring Taxi Driver. But Martin Scorsese did enough arm twisting to make Herrmann read the script, and when the ma