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Citi insists cardholder agreed to pay needless fees but can’t prove it

High school English teacher Paul Anderson reckons he has paid thousands of dollars to Citi over the years for card protection he never wanted or needed.

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Best airline cards: Fall 2016

The Citi /AAdvantage Platinum Select card and the British Airways Visa Signature Card tie for Best Airline card of Fall 2016.

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8 Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs | Mental Floss

Missing a payment is an obvious no-no, but some credit card mistakes are easier to miss.

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4 credit lessons women can learn from men

Sometimes 'thinking like a man' can be the right money move

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Your guide to choosing the right credit card

What kind of card best suits your needs? This handy reference assesses the various types of cards, including their pluses and pitfalls...

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Raise Your Credit Score Fast

Learn three tips to raise your credit score fast.

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Dealing with a loved one's dementia and debt

Step in to help mom or dad manage finances at the first signs of bills not being paid and credit cards being run up...

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5 Surprising Hidden Catches of Using Business Credit Cards

People who use both business and personal credit cards should know that business credit cards behave in ways you may consider detrimental.