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CFPB Report Highlights Consumer Frustrations with Credit Card Rewards Programs | Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The CFPB issued a new report finding consumers encounter numerous problems with credit card rewards programs.

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Is Free Speech In Your Shopping Cart?

It can be argued that the first volley in the attack on Free Speech took place quietly in the fledgling days of the Wilson Administration, when the federal government purposely moved from direct representation of the people to empowering “experts” wit

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Credit Card Cuts Off Spending Once You Hit Your CO2 Maximum

Doconomy, the company that created a credit card to track your purchases’ CO2 emissions, is set to launch a “premium” version of the card...

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How Credit Card Fraud Is Changing -- and How to Protect Yourself

Learn which types of credit card fraud are becoming more common and find out how you can stay safe.

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Milestone Gold MasterCard Review | Creditshout

View reviews of the Milestone Gold MasterCard. They offer two options, one for those with average credit and a second if you have bad or no credit. Apply for a Milestone mastercard today.

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This Startup Wants to Take the Hassle out of Canceling Compromised Credit Cards | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Credit One Bank Credit Card

The Credit One Unsecured Visa Card at CreditCards.com features a low APR and other benefits. Apply today with an online secure application.

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Best airline cards: Fall 2016

The Citi /AAdvantage Platinum Select card and the British Airways Visa Signature Card tie for Best Airline card of Fall 2016.

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What is a foreign transaction fee?

Foreign transaction fees are easy to avoid, but if you still have a card that charges such a fee -- or just want to learn more -- here are the ins and outs of this card fee.

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A natural experiment proves it — ‘service providers’ make it easy to pay and hard to stop

Two things happened at my house not long ago: My wife turned 65, and one of our credit cards expired. Not very interesting in themselves perhaps, but the two events occurring together set up what scientists call a “natural experiment.”

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8 Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs | Mental Floss

Missing a payment is an obvious no-no, but some credit card mistakes are easier to miss.

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Your guide to choosing the right credit card

What kind of card best suits your needs? This handy reference assesses the various types of cards, including their pluses and pitfalls...

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Dealing with a loved one's dementia and debt

Step in to help mom or dad manage finances at the first signs of bills not being paid and credit cards being run up...

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Why adverse action notices are so useful after credit denial

Rejection stings, but the adverse action notice the creditor is legally required to send you contains very useful information

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Dozens of vendors jump on Apple Pay bandwagon - CNET

With the expanded list, Apple says its mobile-payments system now supports cards that account for 90 percent of credit card purchases in the US.