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How to tell your network you caught Covid-19 - Vox

Highly transmissible Covid-19 variants are surging again. Here’s how to be your own contact tracer if you get sick.

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The Rise of ‘Trauma Dumping’, and How to Handle It When a Friend Overshares

“Trauma dumping” is something we should all be wary of in our friendships, according to psychologists. So how can we be good friends while protecting our mental health?

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Confess, please | Workplace Coach Blog

Confess, please, was it you who sent this surprise gift from the Easter Bunny?

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The Science of How to Make Friends as an Adult (and Why You Should Put in the Effort)

Science confirms it's harder to make friends as an adult, but psychology offers a few tricks to help.

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Small Gestures That Show Kindness and Friendship

Small acts of kindness and friendship that help us show the people around us that we care about them.

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Why Is Making Friends So Hard?

True friendship is one of life's greatest joys ... and, for many, one of its most elusive.

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I cofounded two startups with my best friend. Here are 5 ways we made it work

It’s a rule many agree on: Doing business with friends is a bad idea. These two entrepreneurs met in college a decade ago and are proving the old adage wrong.

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19 Ways to Be a Better Friend - Exercises For Injuries

When you are in need, friends can be a great help. This is an area where you should give as good as you get. Here are 19 ways to be a better friend.

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The reason you keep Googling friends who are no longer in your life

It was my own fault. I hooked up with a friend's boyfriend and instantly regretted it. I betrayed a friend I really cared about and nothing I could say or do would erase what I'd done. When our entire friendship group eventually found out, one by one, friends began dropping like flies

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7 Awkward Tips for Making New Friends | Psychology Today

Research find that friendships last an average of seven years, so we all find ourselves short on friends sometimes. Making new ones takes some effort, but it's worth it.

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How to Deal With Friends Who Only Call When They Need You

If you’ve ever had a friend who has treated you more like a utility than a friend, it could be time to cut bait. Read what a therapist has to say about those friends who only call when they need you.

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What to Say to Someone in Grief

A new study suggests that while there may not be any objectively “right” things to say to someone in pain, saying less and listening more are always helpful. (“That sounds really hard” can also be a useful default.)

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Why Relationships Are the Key to Longevity - Mindful

Fostering and maintaining close friendships can help keep your brain healthier as you age.

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When Your Sense of Self Includes Your Best Friend

A new study on one of the best challenges of close friendship: knowing where one of you ends and the other begins.

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10 Things to Say and 10 Not to Say to Someone With Depression

A list of helpful things to tell someone battling depression, followed by what not to say, courtesy of the Depression Alliance.

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Welcome to the app-i-fication of friendship

Millennials increasingly feel isolated and alone. Can the internet help solve a problem it created?

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You Share Everything With Your Bestie. Even Brain Waves

Scientists have made astonishing discoveries about the nature and evolution of friendship. Without it, humans suffer significant physical and emotional damage.

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The average American has only one close friend — here's how we got to this point

Stanford psychologist Emma Seppala says Americans are experiencing a crisis of loneliness, and it's partly a result of our desire for independence.

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How to Make Friends Faster

Five scientifically proven ways to build meaningful relationships quickly.

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Facebook feuds over politics lead some to unfollow or even unfriend relatives and acquaintances | The Island Packet

In a historically volatile election year, Facebook can become too vitriolic for even the best friends, relatives and acquaintances.

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The Challenges of Male Friendships - The New York Times

Consciously or otherwise, many men believe that talking about personal matters with other men is not manly.

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This girl and her dog are both deaf, so she’s teaching him sign language

Julia and Walter were made for each other. They were both born deaf, and when they saw each other at Pasadena Humane…

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How I Finally Found Friends That Get My Spiritual Side

I had just started my journey into spirituality when I was at dinner, and I heard a woman talking about Doreen Virtue's angel cards. I immediately got up to introduce myself, and she was beyond excited to talk to me. We’re still friends today.

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The Science of Making Friends - WSJ

Starting in early adulthood, our number of friends starts to decrease steadily; there are ways to reverse the tide, writes Elizabeth Bernstein.

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Behold, A Tinder-Like App For Female Friendships

Because finding new BFFs is just as important as finding a date.

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Friendship Advice: When Your Best Friend Brings a Crowd

Some people prefer one-on-one time with a friend. They are ‘focusers’ and gravitate toward intimacy. ‘Diffusers’ like to socialize in a group and don’t feel the need for as much time alone.

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A blind Jack Russell has his own guide dog and they both need a new home | Metro News

This Jack Russell is completely blind - so he has his best friend Buzz as his own personal guide dog. Buzz and Glenn are now totally inseparable and despite both being...

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Why Your Old Friends Are Vital to Your Future

A new study finds surprising links between our youthful and adult social lives.

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How to Find a Best Friend - WSJ

It is harder for children to form lasting friendships; rising screen time and lots of activities get in the way.

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How Real Are Facebook Friendships?

An artist set out to find the answer—by tracking down and photographing every one of her social-media connections.

Science & Technology | Tech

I bought friends on the Internet. Here's how.

It's not what you think. Okay fine, it might be what you think.