Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Are You Ruminating Too Much? Here’s What to Do About It

The difference between overthinking and persistent rumination, why venting makes things worse, and how to finally stop dwelling on the past.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

The Rise of ‘Trauma Dumping’, and How to Handle It When a Friend Overshares

“Trauma dumping” is something we should all be wary of in our friendships, according to psychologists. So how can we be good friends while protecting our mental health?

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When Employees Need to Vent Because Management Messed Up…for more than a year | Workplace Coach Blog

Managing an employee venting session so it doesn't explode

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Today's Supreme Court Ruling May Ultimately Impact You - Workplace Coach Blog

Venting on social media & free speech; today's U.S. Supreme Court ruling may impact you