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Hamas Killed Ariel's Family. This Is What He Asked For - Chabad

Ariel's bar mitzvah is this week, and he is inspired by his Holocaust survivor grandfather.

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Why Are Tefillin Square?

The Talmud gives no actual reason but the Kabbalah provides clues.

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What Are Tefillin?

What are we to make of this ancient Jewish ritual and what do they mean to us today?

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ARMED | The story behind the launch of the Rebbe’s Tefillin Campaign

A riveting and unprecedented cinematic experience, ‘Armed’ tells the fascinating story of the launch of the international tefillin campaign. Featuring newly ...

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Wearing tefillin may prevent damage from heart attacks

“This is a potential game changer for how we approach cardiovascular disease prevention,” says Dr. Jack Rubenstein.

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Why No Tefillin at Night or on Shabbat? - Tefillin

Tefillin are worn daily by Jewish men and boys aged 13 and older, except for on Shabbat and Torah holidays.

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Need tefillin? There’s an app for that

'Wrapp' crowd sources the Chabad mission of helping Jews pray by offering a platform for instant lending and borrowing of phylacteries