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Scientists discovered a never-before-seen particle and it could be dark matter

Physicists have discovered a new, mysterious particle that they believe could be a candidate for dark matter.

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These Odd 'Quasiparticles' Could Finally Unmask Dark Matter | Space

Tiny ripples called magnons could lure even a fleeting, lightweight dark matter particle out of hiding.

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Dark energy’s weakness may be why supernovae didn’t kill us all | Science | AAAS

Study invokes the anthropic principle to help explain the force accelerating the universe’s expansion

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New Dark Matter Physics Could Solve The Expanding Universe Controversy

Multiple teams of scientists can't agree on how fast the Universe expands. Dark matter may unlock why.

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The Matter with Dark Matter

How do scientists know there's a mysterious substance called "dark matter" that dominates our universe? An astrophysicist explains.

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2 Accelerators Find Particles That May Break Known Laws of Physics - Scientific American

The LHC and the Belle experiment have found particle decay patterns that violate the Standard Model of particle physics

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Particle detector finds hints of dark matter in space

Researchers at MIT's Laboratory for Nuclear Science have released new measurements that promise to shed light on the origin of dark matter.

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Could Tiny 'Black Hole Atoms' Be Elusive Dark Matter?

Dark matter, the invisible and mysterious stuff that makes up most of the material universe, might be hiding itself in microscopic black holes, says a team of Russian astrophysicists.  Astronomers have been on the hunt for dark matter for decades now, us