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Climate | Science & Technology

Science & Technology | Climate

Nobel Winner Joins 1,600 Scientists Disputing Climate 'Emergency'

More than 1,600 scientists have signed a declaration calling the climate 'emergency' a myth.

Science & Technology | Climate

About That Claim That July 3-4 Were the 'Hottest Days on Record'...

The headlines were stark and specific. Reuters claimed, “World registers hottest day ever recorded on July 3.”
Well, “ever recorded” is misleading since the records have only b...

Science & Technology | Climate

Ireland weighs culling 200,000 dairy cows to meet climate goals, but says decision 'not final'

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that Ireland's agriculture sector was responsible for 38% of national Greenhouse Gases emissions in 2021. 

Science & Technology | Climate

The Climate Alarmist’s TRUE Fear

By Andy May Is it just me, or are the climate alarmists more unhinged than usual lately? Al Gore screaming about boiling oceans and rain bombs is just part of it. As Eric Worral has reported, the BBC blamed global warming for the lack of snow, just after