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Pentagon moves to declassify some secret space programs and technologies

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) wants to declassify more space programs in order to boost the nation's military edge in space.

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After Crippling Hack, Pentagon Says China, Russia Can Disrupt Our Military Satellites

In the aftermath of a cyberattack on the Colonial pipeline that has crippled the petroleum supply chain on the eastern seaboard of the...

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NASA Satellite Launched In 1964 Is About To Fall Back To Earth

A satellite NASA launched 56 years ago to study Earth’s magnetosphere is set to make a fiery homecoming on Saturday when the Orbiting Geophysics Observatory 1 (OGO-1) re-enters our atmosphere.

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Small satellite launcher Virgin Orbit fails to launch rocket to space during first test flight - The Verge

Small satellite launcher, Virgin Orbit, plans to conduct the first test launch of its LauncherOne rocket on Sunday, May 24th. Unlike other rockets, LauncherOne is designed to take off from underneath the wing of a giant 747 airplane called Cosmic Girl.

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Israel eyes next-gen satellite launch to scrutinize universe under new light | The Times of Israel

Micro-satellite weighing 160 kilos has projected 2023 launch; it will operate in ultraviolet light to answer 'some of the big questions in astrophysics'

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Vanguard I has spent six decades in orbit, more than any other craft

As of this month, the US satellite Vanguard I has spent 60 years in orbit and it remains the oldest man-made object in space. Vanguard I was the fourth satellit...

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A Teenager Just Built The World's Lightest Satellite - And NASA's Launching It

An Indian teenager has won an international competition to build a functioning satellite, and not only has he produced what is reportedly the world's lightest satellite device - NASA has also agreed to launch it next month.