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Music | Vinyl Records

Vinyl vs. Digital: How Mastering Makes All the Difference

Vinyl has staged a comeback in recent years, defying the digital age's dominance of music consumption. In an era where high-resolution streaming audio reigns supreme, why do some music enthusiasts still prefer to listen to vinyl records? While ownership o

Music | Vinyl Records

10 albums that challenged the concept of Mono and Stereo

Explore the groundbreaking albums that pushed the boundaries of audio technology. These 10 albums challenged the traditional notions of mono and stereo, creating a new listening experience.

Music | Vinyl Records

Record Store Day 2023: The 20 Best Releases You Need To Buy

From studio outtakes to out-of-print classics, the best Record Store Day 2023 releases are essential purchases for vinyl lovers.

Music | Vinyl Records

How Vinyl Records Are Made at Third Man Pressing

Wired visited Jack White's Third Man Pressing in Detroit, Michigan, to learn more about the work that goes into making a vinyl record.

Music | Vinyl Records

The Best Vinyl Releases Of August 2022

Beastie Boys, Interpol, Pavement, Madonna, Paul McCartney, and Oasis put out some of the month's finest vinyl releases.