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Cassettes Are Making A Comeback, But Which Artists Are Actually Selling Them?

Which artists are bothering to sell tapes in today's musical economy, and which titles have been performing well?

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Vinyl sales earned more money than combined ads on free streams in 2015

In 2015 U.S. vinyl sales earned more money than the recording industry made from advertisements on all free streaming services like YouTube and Spotify combined, according to the RIAA. Vinyl LP and EP sales are currently at their highest level since 1988, with a recent increase of 32% last year alone to $416 million.

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See 30 Years Of Music Industry Change In One Handy GIF

Track 30 years of music industry evolution in 30 seconds.

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Dr Dre: the hip-hop head with a business brain

Profile: The man cited by his peers as the most significant force in hip-hop is set to become its richest operator. But what does his $3.2bn deal with Apple say about the future of the music industry?