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Suitors Line Up to Operate ArcLight Hollywod, Cinerama Dome

Marcus Theatres CEO Greg Marcus told investors that some ArcLight Hollywood and Pacific Theatres locations are too productive to stay dark.

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Hey everyone! I received important behind the scenes information about what's going on regarding Arclight Cinemas, and a possible solution to save the chain. A source who is highly reputable sent me this.
"Rick Caruso is the reason Pacific Theatres decide

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The Night Jim Morrison and the Doors Saw ‘2001’ at the Cinerama Dome

The Doors’ Ray Manzarek was known as a skilled keyboardist and respected music producer (his credits include seminal albums by X), but he was also a knowledgeable movie buff, having graduated from UCLA’s film program and receiving his MFA in cinematograph

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Don’t Worry, the Cinerama Dome (Likely) Won’t Get Demolished

The Cinerama Dome, the iconic mid-century theater in Hollywood, is closing due to the pandemic, leaving moviegoers, industry stars, and architecture fans concerned about its fate and rallying to save the building from demolition.

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The Arclight Closed: Why Losing This Tiny Theater Chain Means So Much | IndieWire

The 18 Arclight and Pacific theaters represented about 100 screens — and the belief that they were too important to fail.