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“We All Wanted to Be Guitar Players”: Paul McCartney Talks Early Beatles | GuitarPlayer

Macca reveals the origins of his role as a bass player and names his favorite guitarists in this classic interview from the GP vault.

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The remarkable life of Carol Kaye, the most prolific recorded bass guitarist of all time

We're taking a look at the incredible life of Carole Kaye and how, with her immense talent and drive, she became a name worth remembering.

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Science Proves the Supreme Power of Bassists | Mental Floss

Bass players are the butt of many a musician joke. ("Did you hear about the bassist who was so out of tune his band noticed?") Well, guess what, haters: scientists have found that bassists are the musical key to bandmates and audiences alike being able to keep the beat.

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Watch Video Of 100 Classic Rhythm Section Riffs Played In One Take: Chicagoist

Chicago Music Exchange's Marc Najjar and drummer Nate Bauman made a video of 100 classic bass riffs and drum beats ranging from 'Ain't That A Shame