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Revisit the moment Keith Richards was nearly electrocuted on stage with The Rolling Stones

We take a look back at the moment Keith Richards was nearly electrocuted to death when performing with The Rolling Stones in 1965

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Keith Richards quits smoking in advance of U.S. tour

Richards, who quit drinking in 2018, says he hasn't had a cigarette since October. He once said quitting nicotine was harder than kicking heroin.

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Keith Richards reveals his 10 all-time favorite Rolling Stones riffs and the stories behind them

How the guitar used to record Gimme Shelter disintegrated immediately after the song's completion, and other incredible stories

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Rolling Stones' Keith Richards Fends Off Stage Invader with Telecaster in 1981

The Rolling Stones, awhile back, uploaded this video, which you can check out above, to their YouTube channel.It features a (very) jumpy 1981 performance of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" at Hampton Coliseum in Virginia. As the video's de