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    Miscellaneous | Gardening

    Top 7 Garden Trends That Made the Cut for 2019

    For the past few years we have reported on the shifting consciousness of gardeners toward an embrace of nature, the impact of all things digital in our lives,

      Miscellaneous | Gardening

      Forcing Branches - FineGardening

      Bring spring indoors early for winter color and fragrance

        Miscellaneous | Gardening

        Wonderful Winter Containers - FineGardening

        Container gardening doesn’t have to stop when the growing season is over. Taking advantage of strong plants and seasonal cuttings keeps your winter containers going into spring.

          Miscellaneous | Gardening

          Lessons Learned From a 25-Year-Old Garden - FineGardening

          There’s no such thing as perfection. Even the most beautiful gardens need constant tweaking and editing. The owners of this gorgeous space learned that early on in their landscaping adventures. Mary and Lew Reid never looked back after abandoning a beau

              Miscellaneous | Gardening

              How to Plant Tulips in Pots - FineGardening

              Growing these spring classics in pots lets you dodge most of their drawbacks

                Miscellaneous | Gardening

                Autumn Garden Decoration: Succulent Pumpkins

                Do you love fall and also love succulents? Combine your favorite things with this easy, beautiful, autumnal craft. Learn how to craft a succulent pumpkin and use it as an autumn centerpiece or decoration, straight from the garden.

                  Miscellaneous | Gardening

                  Improve Your Soil by Raking Less - FineGardening

                  If you dread the annual fall leaf-raking marathon, I have good news for you: Raking and collecting leaves every autumn is a tradition without scientific basis. Research has proven that mowing leaves into your lawn can improve its vigor.

                    Miscellaneous | Gardening

                    10 Plants for Year-round Containers - FineGardening

                    Amazing plants that last season after season. These ten survivors can stay in pots for years, lending consistency to your designs, and ease to your gardening schedule.

                      Miscellaneous | Gardening

                      Attracting Butterflies To Your Garden

                      Planting milkweed is the key to creating the habitat that monarchs need to survive. We cover the top ten plants to have in your garden for attracting butterflies.

                        Miscellaneous | Gardening

                        Butterfly Garden

                        One of the pleasures I enjoy about a garden is watching all the wildlife that comes to visit. I am particularly fond of those little acrobats of the sky: b