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How to beat jet lag: apps, hacks and pills : Shots - Health News : NPR

Wondering how to prepare for sleep disruption? Should you take melatonin or other sleep aids? Here's answers from researchers and seasoned travelers — including NPR's international correspondents.

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The World's Longest Flight Is so High-Tech You Won't Even Get Jet Lag

This Singapore Airlines plane is specially designed to cut jet lag and make a 19-hour flight bearable, and dare we say, actually enjoyable.

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Color-Changing LEDs Could Reset the Circadian Rhythm

Schools and hospitals are using specialized LEDs to combat the damage of indoor living.

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Jet Lagged? Here's What to Do About It

Planning an end-of-summer trip? Here's how to protect yourself from jet lag!

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Jet lag cure: Could eye drops ease symptoms when travelling long haul? | The Independent

Cells in the eye are key to regulating humans’ circadian rhythm, according to a scientific study. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh found that a group of cells in the retina communicate directly with the region of the brain that deals with the

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The Secret Life of Melatonin

Melatonin is a powerful hormone with some surprising effects in the body.

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How to beat jet lag, from a CEO with an insane travel schedule

From Microsoft chairman and Virtual Instruments CEO John Thompson who has insane travel schedule.