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A Complete List of Every National Park in the U.S.

From Acadia to Yellowstone, here's the official list of all the national parks in the United States.

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Here Are All the National Parks' Free Admission Days for 2024

The National Park Service just announced its entrance fee-free days for 2024, including one new free day in honor of Juneteenth on June 19. Here are all the National Parks 2024 free admission days.

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51 Must-Visit National Park Properties Across America

From Acadia to Zion, these are the best U.S. national park properties in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C.monument within driving distance.

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I Visited 14 National Parks Last Year. Here Are the Apps I Used to Plan and Pull Off Those Trips.

To explore national parks across the country successfully, I relied on these trusted apps to plan out every last detail.

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What Makes a National Park a National Park?

There are 423 national park sites in total. But only 63 are National Parks. What’s the difference? It’s complicated.

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You Can Visit Any National Park for Free on These Days in 2022

These are the dates to visit a National Park System property in 2022 if you want to enter free of charge.

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Angels Landing: A Guide to Zion's Daredevil Hike - Intrepid Scout

Few hikes can hold a candle to Zion's daring Angels Landing. Here's how to ace the daredevil Angels Landing Hike and get rewarded with the most spectacular views.

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National Parks Toss Signs Warning Of Melting Glaciers After Glaciers Fail To Melt

The National Parks Service has quietly removed signs warning visitors to Glacier National Park that they should take their selfies with the glacier now, since it would be gone by 2020 — a victim of climate change.

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The Hiker’s Guide to Leaving No Trace . . . and in One Piece | NRDC

How to be responsible, pee responsibly, and handle animal encounters when you’re out in the wild, communing with nature.

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National Parks Are About to Get Way More Fun!

National parks are America's greatest recreational asset. Now an overdue movement will make them even better.