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Yellowstone Wolves Caught on Camera Bringing 'Toys' Home to Their Pups

Wolves in Yellowstone National Park have been caught on trail camera bringing toys back home for their pups.

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Watch: Meeting between Yellowstone grizzlies has unexpected outcome

When a male grizzly bear approached a grizzly sow and its two cubs in Yellowstone, tourists watching the encounter felt a battle brewing.

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15 Wild Facts About 'Yellowstone'

Though 'Yellowstone' wasn't an immediate hit, the modern-day Western has since become one of the most popular shows on TV—and is turning into a bona fide franch

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How a 1960s discovery in Yellowstone made millions of COVID-19 PCR tests possible

The science behind COVID-19 PCR tests can be traced back to two microbiologists' discovery in the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park.

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Yellowstone visitor banned for cooking chickens in thermal hot spring

A man from Idaho has been temporarily banned from Yellowstone National Park after pleading guilty to charges stemming from an Aug. 7 outing, during which he was found cooking chickens in a thermal geyser.

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Grizzly Bears on Threatened List Again

Court reverses agency action that cited a rising population

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How 31 Alberta wolves changed the natural balance of Yellowstone National Park

An eco-experiment that started with 14 Alberta wolves being introduced to Yellowstone National Park has shown just how powerful the laws of nature really are.

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Yellowstone's wolves are back, but they haven't restored the park's ecosystem. Here's why.

Nearly 25 years after wolves were reintroduced, the predators have helped parts of the park bounce back but haven't completely restored Yellowstone.

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Hot times at Yellowstone: huge magma chamber found deeply buried

By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Deep beneath Yellowstone National Park, one of the world's most dynamic volcanic systems, lies an enormous, previously unknown reservoir of hot, partly molten rock big enough to fill up the Grand Cany

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Russian analyst says to nuke Yellowstone - Business Insider

In his article, Konstantin Sivkov justifies the "complete destruction of the enemy [the West]" and describes what "one day without America," would look like.