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Yellowstone Wolves Caught on Camera Bringing 'Toys' Home to Their Pups

Wolves in Yellowstone National Park have been caught on trail camera bringing toys back home for their pups.

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Catapult | Living With Wolves | Nikki Kolb

Working at a wolf sanctuary became part of my identity. Leaving the pack was harder than I expected.

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How 31 Alberta wolves changed the natural balance of Yellowstone National Park

An eco-experiment that started with 14 Alberta wolves being introduced to Yellowstone National Park has shown just how powerful the laws of nature really are.

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Yellowstone's wolves are back, but they haven't restored the park's ecosystem. Here's why.

Nearly 25 years after wolves were reintroduced, the predators have helped parts of the park bounce back but haven't completely restored Yellowstone.

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Wolves hand Warriors reminder that history never comes easy - CBSSports.com

The Warriors' elevation to history and that elusive number -- 70 -- ran smack into a young, hungry, now 26-win Minnesota Timberwolves team that handed down a message Tuesday night: Making history ain't easy.

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Join the Wolf Pack at Shadowland Foundation

Do you know where the wild things are? This pack of wild and friendly wolves is just an 90 minutes outside the city, and would love to have you join their pack!

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Photos show first wild California wolf pack in nearly a century

By Sharon Bernstein SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - California's first gray wolf pack since wild wolves disappeared from the state nearly a century ago was spotted in the woods in the northern part of the state, wildlife officials said on Thursday. Th