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New study indicates natural immunity offers greater protection from COVID-19 than vaccines

A new study from the New England Journal of Medicine is backing up claims that natural immunity provides greater protection from COVID-19 infection than multiple vaccine doses. “Natural Immunity wins again,” longtime vaccine critic Dr. Martin Makary tweet

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Fauci's researchers find better antibody response from natural immunity than Moderna vaccine

But immunologist cautions both sides read too much into "transient spike" in antibodies to justify their policy preferences.

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150 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted ⋆ Brownstone Institute

This follow-up chart is a list of 91 scientific studies and evidence on natural immunity to allow you to draw your own conclusions..

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Prior COVID infection more protective than vaccination during Delta surge -U.S. study | Reuters

People who had previously been infected with COVID-19 were better protected against the Delta variant than those who were vaccinated alone, suggesting that natural immunity was a more potent shield than vaccines against that variant, California and New Yo

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Yale Study: Natural Immunity Protects Against COVID Three Times Longer Than Vaccine

Yale University concluded that immunity acquired by COVID-19 infection lasts three times longer and is stronger than that provided by vaccination.

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Follow the Science! Hospitals Accept Natural Immunity as Reason for Staff to Defer Mandated Vaccine

Following a growing trend, several Ohio hospitals are allowing staff who have natural immunity after COVID-19 infections to defer their mandated vaccines.

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Pfizer Scientists in Undercover Videos Say Natural Immunity Likely Better Than COVID-19 Vaccination

A trio of scientists at Pfizer were recorded speaking to undercover reporters about the existence of natural immunity ...

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Antibodies Persist for More Than a Year After COVID-19 Infection, Study Finds

The immune systems of the vast majority of people who have been infected with the CCP virus will ...

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Doctor Rand Paul Absolutely TORCHES HHS Secretary Becerra on Natural Immunity

Senator Rand Paul torches HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra over vaccine mandates, recovered immunity, and not following the data.

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(34) 'Natural Immunity' Lawsuit Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Ends in Surprising Result - YouTube

A George Mason University (GMU) law professor who sued the school over its COVID-19 vaccine mandate was granted a medical exemption by the school on Tuesday....

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Natural Immunity for the WIN! Israel Study Suggests COVID-19 Vaccine and Mitigation Policies Should Change Now

Thankfully, one nation in the world recognized natural immunity to COVID-19 and has now produced a definitive data set proving it is strong and effective.

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What About Those of Us Who Have Had COVID and Survived?

There is a lot of debate currently taking place surrounding the issue of COVID Vaccine Passports and other documentation where they apply...

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Makary responds to Fauci acknowledging COVID natural immunity: 'I'm glad he's now changing his tune' | Fox News

Johns Hopkins health policy expert Dr. Marty Makary joined 'Your World with Neil Cavuto' on Thursday and responded to Dr. Anthony Fauci calling herd immunity an 'elusive concept' while acknowledging herd immunity includes those already infected with COVID

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Sleep and the Immune System and How to Support Them | Dr. Dyan

Sleep and the immune system go hand in hand. These tips help you to boost the immune system and sleep better by finding small pockets of rest.