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Lifestyle Changes Key to Preventing Half of Cancer Deaths, American Cancer Society Report Reveals

In a report by the American Cancer Society (ACS), researchers have identified that up to half of cancer deaths in the United States could potentially be prevent

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New Study Shows a Leaky Gut Leads to an up to 30-Fold Risk of Autoimmunity

Leaky gut syndrome is more than a hyped-up passing health fad—it’s a formidable condition that could shape the rest of your life.

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Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Immunity Boosting Micronutrients Since it's flu season - and most of us at the office are feeling it - we thought we'd shine a light on how you can use

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mRNA Jabs Are Not Vaxx, Internal CDC Emails Reveal | NaturalHealth365

(NaturalHealth365) Instead of admitting that the COVID mRNA jabs do not confer immunity, the CDC went ahead and changed vaxx definition.

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WATCH: New Study Finds Natural Immunity Blows Vaccines Out Of The Water

A new study has found that natural immunity drastically outclasses vaccination when it comes to protection against the C-19 virus.

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CDC: 80% Have Some Immunity to COVID; Prior Infection Akin to Vaccination

A recent survey of blood donations found that more than 80 percent of Americans over the age of 16 have some level of immunity to COVID...

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STUDY: COVID Survivors Possess Long-Term, Broad Immunity Across the Spectrum

People who have recovered from COVID retain broad and effective longer-term immunity to the disease, according to a new study. Findings...

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Johns Hopkins' Dr. Marty Makary: Americans have an 'entirely distorted perception' of Covid risk

However, Americans who haven't been vaccinated or previously infected with Covid need to "be careful," Dr. Marty Makary told CNBC on Tuesday.

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Opinion | The Power of Natural Immunity

Studies show it’s durable and widespread. If you’ve had Covid, you can get by with one shot of vaccine.

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What About Those of Us Who Have Had COVID and Survived?

There is a lot of debate currently taking place surrounding the issue of COVID Vaccine Passports and other documentation where they apply...

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Study: COVID Immune/Vaccination Response Strong Against Variants

A new study on the variants associated with the COVID virus indicates that the variants are not more resistant to vaccines and previous...

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Fauci's flip-flops: How 'America’s Doctor' has repeatedly reversed himself during Covid crisis

From masks to school closures to preexisting immunity, Fauci's advice appears to change to suit the moment.

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A new drug in the works might provide coronavirus immunity – BGR

Development of a potential new coronavirus treatment is underway in Britain, where researchers are trying to put together a dose of antibodies that would provide instant coronavirus immunity.

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Why some people who haven't had Covid-19 might already have some immunity

The immune systems of some people who have not been exposed to the novel coronavirus could have some familiarity with the pathogen -- possibly helping to reduce the severity of illness if that person does get Covid-19, a new study suggests.

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Sleep and the Immune System and How to Support Them | Dr. Dyan

Sleep and the immune system go hand in hand. These tips help you to boost the immune system and sleep better by finding small pockets of rest.

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Censoring Evidence on Vitamin C

High doses vitamin C isn't something many doctors are comfortable trying, but this relatively low-risk treatment may have potential—despite the censorship.

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South Korea says recovered coronavirus patients who tested positive again did not relapse: Tests picked up 'dead virus fragments'

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was worried the virus was reactivating after people recovered, but scientists dismissed the fear.

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9 Health Benefits of Oranges Backed by Science

Simple minded scientists sometimes try to simplify the medicinal qualities of the orange down to vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. That is a mistake.

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A Guide to Vitamin C: Health Benefits & Best Sources | Fullscript

Vitamin C is known for its role in supporting the immune system, but its health effects can range from collagen formation to prevention of ocular diseases.

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How You Can Use Sleep to Fight Back Against Corona Virus | Psychology Today

By getting a full night of sleep, we help our bodies best fight back against potential threats.

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What Is the Immune System?

Researchers continue to discover important, new dimensions of a complex interaction of elements in the body known as the immune system.

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Dark Chocolate A 'Superfood' That Deliciously Boosts Mood, Memory, Immunity - Study Finds

If you love dark chocolate, you'll be happy to know that it is much more than a sweet treat. Researchers say it may even qualify as a "superfood."

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Tickling the brain can boost immunity: study

Artificially stimulating the brain's feel-good centre boosts immunity in mice in a way that could help explain the power of placebos, a study reported Monday. "Our findings indicate that activation of areas of the brain associated with positive expec

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Disneyland measles outbreak spreads

An outbreak of measles that began at Disneyland before Christmas is now disrupting lives in six states. Contributing: Associated