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PODCAST | Biden’s COVID ‘Scamdempic’ 2.0

LISTEN NOW | I wanted to elaborate a little bit about something we talked about – or I guess I ranted about – in this segment and that is the attempt by the politically manipulative to move us back to masks and “Hey, let's take another variatio

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Betrayed by My Employer — How Can I Fight Back? | Workplace Coach Blog

Employer rolling back vaccine mandates. How you can fight back. The leverage you have.

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U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on OSHA Vaccine-or-testing Rule: What employers need to know/do | Workplace Coach Blog

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on OSHA vaccine mandate: what employers need to know and do now

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Fired for Not Getting Vaccinated: My Employer’s Happy New Year’s Present | Workplace Coach Blog

Fired for not getting vaccination; what to tell prospective employers? And should you reconsider?

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Religious Exemptions: A way out for employees or a tricky challenge for employers? | Workplace Coach Blog

Question: If I’m to believe the stack of religious exemptions on my desk, a miracle unfolded in our company last …

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A Surprising New View on the Risk Employers Take When Terminating Employees for Refusing Vaccines - Workplace Coach Blog

A surprising new view from an attorney on the risk employers take when terminating employees that refuse vaccinations

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The Reality of Vaccine Mandates in the Workplace - Workplace Coach Blog

The reality of vaccine mandates in the workplace: the facts, the pros, the hows.

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If I quit because my employer mandates vaccinations, can I get unemployment? - Workplace Coach Blog

How does quitting your job because you won't get vaccinated impact your chances of getting unemployment