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Reporter Gets Shocking Response Asking College Students if They Would Donate to Support Killing Jews

 Every time we think we've seen the worst of antisemitism on college campuses in America, those darn college students have to go and sink themselves even lower than the bar they previously set. We're pretty sure that bar is now located far below sea level, somewhere in the general vicinity of the Mariana Trench, and yet they still manage to slide under it.

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House Education Committee to Investigate Harvard, MIT, UPenn over Campus Antisemitism | National Review

The investigation comes after a hearing at which the university presidents argued that calls for genocide would not violate their codes of conduct.

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NYU Law Students Vote to Oust Bar Association President Ryna Workman | National Review

The New York University School of Law student body has voted to remove Ryna Workman from her post as president of the university’s Student Bar Association.

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Where Free Speech Ends and Lawbreaking Begins

The First Amendment does not give carte blanche to intimidation and harassment, writes Ilya Shapiro.

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Can We Save our Universities? › American Greatness

It took the widely reported, repellent, and exempt wave of anti-Semitism and violent pro-Hamas protestors harassing Jews, finally to convince Americans that…

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Marc Rowan hits back at UPenn leadership after antisemitism on campus

Apollo CEO Marc Rowan’s plan to oust the leadership of the University of Pennsylvania, is picking up steam and could blow a $1 billion hole in the school’s fund­raising ­efforts, the Post has learned.

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No One Should Be Surprised By Campus Radicalism

When universities began hiring unrepentant terrorists and Marxist revolutionaries as professors, they had to know where this would all lead.

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Pro-Palestine U.S. College Campus Protests: How Radical Jihadist-Linked Groups Spread the Cancer of Antisemitism across

Over the last 20 years, groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine, which have historic ties to terror groups, have radicalized young Americans.