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Hostages held in homes of Hamas-sympathetic UNRWA employees

Released hostage was held for 50 days in the attic of an UNRWA teacher, another was held captive by a children's doctor.

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Hot Take: Israeli Hostages Were Starved Because Israel Cut Off the Supply of Food

 As we reported yesterday, Hamas wrote a stern letter to Human Rights Watch for its report that the "bombing" of a hospital in Gaza was the result of an errant rocket fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad. We don't know if Human Rights Watch has apologized yet.

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Elder Of Ziyon - NPR is thoroughly clueless about Israel's released hostages, saying their families - most of whom are still in mourning or praying for other family members - have been made "whole" again.

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Hamas ordered hostages: 'Keep waving'

Pro-Israel activist Yoseph Haddad shows Hamas forcing prisoners to act cheerful for the camera before the exchange.

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WATCH: Hamas Releases Propaganda Video of Hostage Release That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

 Following an initial breaking of the ceasefire, Hamas responded to Israel's threat to resume military action in response and released another batch of hostages on Saturday. Some of those released were as young as three years old.

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How To Rescue All The Hostages Quickly – And Protect The West From The Islamic Terrorism Of The Crime Family That Rules Qatar

This article was first published in the Israeli newspaper Maariv on November 21, 2023. In the struggle to obtain the release of the hostages held by Hamas, there is a vitally important path to rescuing them – and it is a path that the Israeli media and th

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Setting the Record Straight About Hamas’ Use of Gaza’s Hospitals and Israel’s Efforts to Help Patients | AJC

The IDF entered Al-Shifa Hospital and found weapons and uniforms that unequivocally confirmed Hamas is using the hospital for terror, violating the laws of war. Here is what you need to know about Gaza’s hospitals, Israel’s operation, and how Hamas us

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The World the Mother of a Hamas Hostage - Bring Hersh and All Our Hostages Home!

The Goldberg-Polins’ peace-loving son Hersh was last seen seriously wounded, being violently shoved into a Hamas pick-up truck near Kibbutz Re’im in southern Israel, with his dominant, left arm reduced to a bloody stump.

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Why Are So Few Talking About the Hostages?

One of the striking things about the coverage of the Israel/Hamas war is how underreported the story of the hostages Hamas took has been.
Obviously, we know about the hostages. How could we not, since...